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Turning from dairy fanatic to vegan wasn’t as hard as I expected

I was 22 when, prodded by some friends, I decided to give vegetarianism a try. I had never been a big meat eater, and, now that I was out on my own, I’d already discovered I didn’t have the stomach for dealing with raw meat in the kitchen.

Though I was not an evangelist for animal welfare, I liked the idea that no...

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Acid trips and college furniture: Are psychedelic drugs the key to unlocking the mind?

Late spring of my sophomore year in college, my friends and I decided to have a house-warming party.

The small liberal arts school I attended required students to live on campus for two years. Having completed my dorm duty, I was moving into a dilapidated mid-century clapboard house with two friends. It was the first...

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Rocky Road: A so-called advice column

The best advice I ever got was a question.

I was 17 and I was the living embodiment of a big hot mess. If it was ever depicted in a movie about teenage rebellion, I was doing it. (OK, “Less than Zero” came out that year, and I will admit to being outdone in self-destructiveness by the character Julian, as played by the...

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