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Overlooking Laurel & Hardy biopic “Stan & Ollie” was a big mistake. Huge.

While watching the new Laurel & Hardy biopic “Stan & Ollie,” I kept thinking about the cliché of “Hollywood biopic formula,” which was famously lampooned in “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” (2007). Coincidentally, both films star John C. Reilly, and the latter has been brought up a few times recently thanks to the...

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“On the Basis of Sex” doesn’t do justice to Ruth Bader Ginburg’s legacy

It’s wild when a person as interesting as Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires not only a barely decent documentary (RBG), but a barely decent biopic (“On the Basis of Sex”) as well.

Ginsburg rivals Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis as one of the pioneers of Second Wave feminism during the 1950s through the 1970s, so it’s no...

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Golden Globes recap and future award predictions: It’s a winner free for all

As someone who has been covering movie award shows for almost a decade, it’s really easy to just throw together articles on ceremony recaps and winners of the night – especially if you’re just not feeling the season movie-wise. This season is actually a bit of a mix for me. You have interesting films like “A Star is Born,”...

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Holidays get old with current movie releases

As is often the case with December movies, the last weekend of the year is usually lacking in new releases. Usually movies given limited runs in theaters earlier in the month (particularly Oscar contenders) finally get wider, more mainstream releases. Rather than waste anyone’s time on giving critiques of “Holmes &...

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