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Ari Aster’s Midsommar is a relationship fever dream on film

Last summer marked the debut of filmmaker Ari Aster with his critical hit “Hereditary.” Following the film’s debut, movie fanatics and insiders were almost instantly predicting that Aster would be the next big thing in the horror genre. But while critics and fans may be pinning Aster as the new horror god, the director...

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Yesterday should be a stellar movie, but it’s just OK

Danny Boyle’s “Yesterday” is the second film this summer season to feature a classic rock soundtrack, and it hits theaters one month after “Rocketman,” and a month before “Blinded by the Light.” As someone who’s considered the Beatles her favorite band since high school, it’s been really hard for me to buy into Hollywood...

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Elton John’s Rocketman has a lot to sing about

Elton John is one of those music artists whose songs you just like, even if you’re not big on his genre or era. While watching Dexter Fletcher’s musical biopic, “Rocketman,” which is based on Elton’s life, I found myself singing (or rather lip-syncing) along to every song, even though I’ve never considered myself a huge fan....

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Wilde’s “Booksmart”: A coming of age tale we’ve heard many times before

United Artists’ “Booksmart” is the latest raunchy R-rated teen comedy to hit theaters. For the past couple of weeks, the movie’s been received with overwhelmingly positive reviews across the board. The director is former starlet Olivia Wilde, who currently fancies herself a filmmaker. Fortunately for her (and her film’s...

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The Hustle: A gender-swapped version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

There is a fine line between taking influence for your own original idea from another source and just plain ripping off another artist. Chris Addison’s “The Hustle,” a new comedy starring Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway, is being described as a modern, gender-swapped version of Frank Oz’s “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” (1988) –...

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Endgame might be easier to follow with a Marvel refresher course

Despite all the criticism Marvel gets for playing it safe and not taking many real risks with their storytelling and character development, there are a couple of things they get right: taking their films seriously and being dramatic without coming across as bleak. The ending of the previous Avengers feature, “Infinity War,”...

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High Life and the new-ish trend of space movies

With Claire Denis’ new sci-fi drama “High Life” slated to be out this April, we’ve continued the recent trend of space-related films being released. The documentary “Apollo 11,” has received much praise from space history buffs, is still in some theaters, yet has already found its way online, too. Only seven months ago,...

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Us film: a brilliant mix of political metaphors, pop culture references, and satire

If you had told me five years ago that one of the two goofy guys who make up the comedy duo Key & Peele would turn out to be one of the best horror masterminds in film, I wouldn’t have known what to think. But even as a horror filmmaker, Jordan Peele is a funny guy, and his comedic roots are palpable in his feature film...

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Will Captain Marvel hold up to the hype in Endgame?

We’re five weeks away from the much “Endgame,” the anticipated Avengers follow-up to last year’s “Infinity War.” So much hype and emphasis has been put on the importance of what Captain Marvel, a new character to the film universe, will bring to the sequel. But will it pay off?

We’re already a couple of weeks into the...

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The Monkees: The US answer to The Beatles’ music and films

With last month’s death of music artist Peter Tork of The Monkees, a lot of fans have been revisiting the pop band’s career. The Monkees were originally America’s answer to The Beatles, but rather than a record label forming a new pop-rock band, it was a TV production company doing the formation.

The TV show “The...

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Horror thriller Greta is so close, yet so far

No, Focus Features’ new movie, “Greta,” isn’t a biopic on the legendary, elusive movie star Greta Garbo. Rather, it’s one of the very few Hollywood movies French cinema royalty Isabelle Huppert has crossed overseas to participate in. Co-starring Chloe Grace Moretz, the horror-thriller is so close, yet so far, from being a...

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Farrelly’s Green Book: One of the most polarizing films of 2018

As the chaos of the 2018 awards season comes to an end next week, let us revisit one of the more polarizing and divisive films of last year: Peter Farrelly’s “Green Book.” A light-hearted biopic about the real-life friendship between pianist Donald Shirley (played by Mahershala Ali) and club bouncer/occasional driver Frank...

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