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Will Captain Marvel hold up to the hype in Endgame?

We’re five weeks away from the much “Endgame,” the anticipated Avengers follow-up to last year’s “Infinity War.” So much hype and emphasis has been put on the importance of what Captain Marvel, a new character to the film universe, will bring to the sequel. But will it pay off?

We’re already a couple of weeks into the...

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The Monkees: The US answer to The Beatles’ music and films

With last month’s death of music artist Peter Tork of The Monkees, a lot of fans have been revisiting the pop band’s career. The Monkees were originally America’s answer to The Beatles, but rather than a record label forming a new pop-rock band, it was a TV production company doing the formation.

The TV show “The...

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Horror thriller Greta is so close, yet so far

No, Focus Features’ new movie, “Greta,” isn’t a biopic on the legendary, elusive movie star Greta Garbo. Rather, it’s one of the very few Hollywood movies French cinema royalty Isabelle Huppert has crossed overseas to participate in. Co-starring Chloe Grace Moretz, the horror-thriller is so close, yet so far, from being a...

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Farrelly’s Green Book: One of the most polarizing films of 2018

As the chaos of the 2018 awards season comes to an end next week, let us revisit one of the more polarizing and divisive films of last year: Peter Farrelly’s “Green Book.” A light-hearted biopic about the real-life friendship between pianist Donald Shirley (played by Mahershala Ali) and club bouncer/occasional driver Frank...

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Neeson’s Cold Pursuit is the typical cringy, B-movie schlock

With the release of Hans Petter Moland’s “Cold Pursuit,” we have the most recent occurrence of a filmmaker remaking his own film. In the past, we’ve seen this from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (1934 and 1956); Frank Capra’s “Broadway Bill” (1934) and “Riding High” (1950); Woody Allen’s “Crimes and...

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From Serenity to M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass: When taking risks in filmmaking backfires

The second half of winter in January and early February are usually the crap shoot months, when movie studios dump their less-than-stellar features that aren’t poised to be hits. A good example of a typically bad January movie is “Replicas,” from the first week of 2019. It’s an amalgam of obviously bad CGI, actors phoning in...

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SAGs 2019 recap: This is the least exciting awards season of the decade

After a bewildering start to the televised portion of awards season with the Golden Globes three weeks ago, the season has continued to be perplexing, this time with the Screen Actors Guild awards.

We saw Glenn Close and Mahershala Ali win Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor for “The Wife” and “Green Book,”...

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Overlooking Laurel & Hardy biopic “Stan & Ollie” was a big mistake. Huge.

While watching the new Laurel & Hardy biopic “Stan & Ollie,” I kept thinking about the cliché of “Hollywood biopic formula,” which was famously lampooned in “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” (2007). Coincidentally, both films star John C. Reilly, and the latter has been brought up a few times recently thanks to the...

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“On the Basis of Sex” doesn’t do justice to Ruth Bader Ginburg’s legacy

It’s wild when a person as interesting as Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires not only a barely decent documentary (RBG), but a barely decent biopic (“On the Basis of Sex”) as well.

Ginsburg rivals Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis as one of the pioneers of Second Wave feminism during the 1950s through the 1970s, so it’s no...

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Golden Globes recap and future award predictions: It’s a winner free for all

As someone who has been covering movie award shows for almost a decade, it’s really easy to just throw together articles on ceremony recaps and winners of the night – especially if you’re just not feeling the season movie-wise. This season is actually a bit of a mix for me. You have interesting films like “A Star is Born,”...

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Holidays get old with current movie releases

As is often the case with December movies, the last weekend of the year is usually lacking in new releases. Usually movies given limited runs in theaters earlier in the month (particularly Oscar contenders) finally get wider, more mainstream releases. Rather than waste anyone’s time on giving critiques of “Holmes &...

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