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An open letter to breakfast cooks everywhere

Dear breakfast and brunch cooks,

Hey there. I know you’re tired and grumpy as you read this. Trust me, I’ve been there. I spent years waking up at the crack of dawn to sling eggs and French toast to hungover guests, all while feeling the effects of my own drinking session from the previous night. Although you rarely...

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El Moro’s bone marrow: It’s the most frickin’ delicious thing in the world

There are few foods I’d suggest sharing with your furry friend, but bone marrow is absolutely one of them. I mean, there’s a reason your dog obsessively gnaws away at a bone long after the meat scraps have disappeared from the outside: He knows what’s inside is good for him! Bone marrow; it’s what makes bone broth thick and...

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Check out The Boathouse at Electra before it closes again

Part of me doesn’t even want to tell you about the amazing dinner I just had at the Boathouse at Electra Lake. If I do, you’ll make a reservation. Seating here is pretty limited, so I might not be able to get a table the next time I want to go. But, that’s selfish, and I know in my heart that the best things in life are...

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Pop-up dinners have arrived at 2nd Deli & Spirits

Pop-up restaurants are (ahem) popping up all over the country, especially in big cities. Some chefs use them as a low cost way to try out a new menu concept and host the dinners for multiple days in a row to garner interest or attract investors. Others create companies that live entirely outside the brick-and-mortar,...

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Scientific facts: Grilled cheese is actually dairy crack

Growing up, I was the worst. I don’t know how my mother handled it, but I would only eat a handful of foods: buttered noodles, cheese pizza, grilled cheese, and plain hamburgers without ketchup. (In case you’re wondering, I eat all kinds of foods today but still stand firmly behind the ketchup-is-gross sentiment.)


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Yes, it’s still chilly, but Lake Nighthorse is open for biz

Ugh. Who else is tired of how it’s springtime in the rest of the country while it’s STILL SNOWING here? Between the rain, the random snowflakes, and the impending mudslides, I’m ready to celebrate summer whether the weather is ready or not. Instead of shaking my fist at the clouds shouting, “Go home, Colorado, you’re drunk,”...

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Making friends with Fernet, one shot at a time

I’m not really one of those people who goes out to the bar and walks away with a handful of new best friends. Although I’d consider myself outgoing, I just don’t like to bother people. I figure bartenders are usually too busy to stand there and chat with me, and I never like to assume the stranger sitting next to me wants...

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Free pouring vs. jiggering: the jigger gets a bad rap

Not too long ago, I found myself at the bar at El Moro sampling a new cocktail from their spring menu. While I sipped on my Strawberries Taste Like Strawberries (which is 100 percent delightful, btw), I couldn’t help myself from ordering an old-time favorite: a stemmed shot class filled with a peculiarly dark liquid. The...

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CBD-infused mocktails at Pop Sushi? Uh, yes please.

When Tony Lemos took the job as lead bartender and innovator at Pop Sushi, he told owner Jimmy Nguyen that he wanted to put CBD-infused mocktails on the menu.

Is that even legal? More importantly, is it safe?

It’s true that there’s still a lot we don’t know about cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid derived from the...

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Badass food alert: There’s a new food truck at 11th Street Station, and it has tortas

A few months ago, I spent a week in Mexico, and I thought I might never come back. It was mostly because of the tacos ... but then again, it’s always the tacos. They just reel me in and make me see life anew through rose-colored glasses. To be specific, it was Tulum’s al pastor tacos that stole my heart. The pork roasting...

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St. Patty’s Day is the best holiday of the year, even if nobody knows who Patrick is

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but Christmas is not the best holiday of the year. It’s not Easter or Thanksgiving or Halloween, either. It’s definitely St. Patrick’s Day. I mean, I couldn’t really tell you who Patrick is or why we’re celebrating him (sorry, that’s probably sacrilegious), but I’m all about any excuse to cook...

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Is voting for City Council the ultimate ‘support local’ move?

When Marcos Wisner told me he was running for City Council, I was surprised. Not in a bad way – as a Durango native and the co-owner of Ernie’s 11th Street Station, I knew this small business owner was smart enough to hold his own on the council. No, what surprised me was that he was going for it in the first place. I mean,...

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