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Darkness and disease

While many residents of the Four Corners revel in the winter season, it’s not rainbows and sugar plums for everyone. As the prospect of playing in the snow and celebrating holidays brings joy to some, the increased hours of darkness and cold instill dread in others.

Somewhere around 10 million Americans suffer from...

Recovery in quarantine: How has COVID-19 affected people recovering from substance abuse disorders?

DGO tends to be a relatively substance-heavy magazine, writing at length about our enjoyment of cannabis and alcohol in particular. But we recognize that drugs, legal or otherwise, are not for everybody. Which is a large part of why we were curious about how people in recovery from substance abuse disorders are faring during...

Indigenous couture: Four Southwestern designers combine fashion and Native American heritage

Jolonzo Goldtooth graduated college straight into the Great Recession of 2007-2009, and his degree in behavioral psychology wasn’t getting him anywhere fast. So, like many a Millennial, he moved back to his family’s ranch, located about 30 minutes south of Farmington. As soon as his grandmother caught him lounging around,...

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