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How to handle the awkward, total fun-suck of second dates

A successful first date can be a great ego boost but, how do you move from the first date to the second date? Where do you “go” for that second date? When do you call or text after the first date? And how the fuck do you manage all of this in the middle of a pandemic?

There is a misconception that a game must be played...

Let’s work our way through the entire orgasm

This is the time of year when I offer adult sex ed classes. In this new pandemic world, when putting any number of us in a room together is a portent of doom, I am resigned to offer up some of this knowledge via pen and paper. This is hardly sufficient and I’ll barely scrape the surface on favorite topics but alas, it is the...

Avoiding the wave of post-election complacency

IT. IS. OVER! Joe Biden is our President-elect and Kamala Harris is our first woman, Vice President-elect.

Celebrate that giant weight removed from our shoulders. Take a deep breath and exhale all that pent up stress.


How was that?...

Busting myths about sex toys

What if we didn’t train our police to kill? Donate and take action with Black Lives Matter.I promised in my last column to provide a sexually pleasurable topic for this next column. I want you to know that I stretched myself to write this column because I have had to put my business on...

A political love story

Please donate to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to help counter voter suppression. You can read more about how they are working to restore voting rights to people who have a felony conviction in this collaborative article with The Sentencing Project.


There is no perfect relationship. There is no perfect...

It’s our turn to carry the torch left behind by the notorious, brilliant, imperfect Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

There are moments when hope is diminished.

The passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of those moments. A light has gone out in the world this day - September 18, 2020.

I could spend this time recounting Justice Ginsburg’s legendary career as an advocate for women’s rights, but you all know how to search...

Don’t wait until you have a problem

Please support however you are able, the National Bail Fund Network https://www.communityjusticeexchange.org/nbfn-directory.

“The National Bail Fund Network is made up of over sixty community bail and bond funds across the country. We regularly update this listing of community bail funds that are freeing people by...

Breaking out of small, harmful sex boxes

Moving forward I will use space in every column to highlight a racial justice organization or resource that we all can support or learn from. This is meant to bring awareness and change to Durango, this state, and this country. Please support however you are able, SURJ or Showing Up for Racial Justice...

How to navigate sex safely during COVID-19 times

Unsurprisingly, a highly contagious and debilitating virus is still actively storming through our communities, making it difficult to touch others — nevermind actually getting to have sex. What the hell is a person to do for the foreseeable future for sex?! How does one navigate health and safety with very real physical and...

Labels and words are a tool, but also a battle

Words are incredibly powerful. So powerful they can hurt us more decisively than a sword and bring us together with a simple phrase —

Sí, se puede

Black Lives Matter

Me Too

Hell, no we won’t go

Rise up!

Labels are a tool used to take words and build a community. For people who face...

Anal sex is the cherry on top of the taboo sundae of sex

Let’s circle back around to anal sex.

So often our narrow view of sex as being penis into vagina holds folks back from pleasurable experiences. Sex is defined by the individual and can include ANY activity — kissing, holding hands, intimate conversation, sexting, oral, solo or mutual masturbation, fingering, anal,...

Getting all twitterpated about BDSM

BDSM is not my main swimming pool. It’s an adjacent and smaller swimming pool for the work that I do. There are amazing practitioners and educators whose BDSM pool is bigger and so I make referrals and stick to my generalist pool. As a generalist, I will need to swim in these adjacent, smaller pools so that I can meet clients...

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