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Parler’s social media platform, created by Denver grads, gives hate a new home

You’ve probably heard of Parler, the social media platform that describes itself as a place where users can “Speak freely and express yourself openly, without fear of being “deplatformed” for your views.” That ambiguous statement could also be read as follows: Discriminate freely and express your hate openly, without fear of...

The state of weed: Where does cannabis stand in the wake of the 2020 election?

In October, Governor Polis jokingly discouraged Texas from legalizing marijuana because “...it would reduce tourism to Colorado, so make sure to consider Colorado first in any Texas decisions.”

While the snarky remark was in jest, Polis wasn’t just blowing smoke. Reports vary slightly, but in addition to employing over...

Dealing with post-election stress and anxiety

If you’re feeling a bit more anxiety than what is normal for yourself, and aren’t we all, relax. You’re not alone — unless, of course, you’re alone because of social-distancing. In that case, you are alone, but that’s something else entirely. 

Anyway, it turns out that mental health professionals are helping get the...

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