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Why books matter in Durango

Starting off as a book hoarder – he also has a storage unit that's full and creaking – Denny Rahilly, owner of Second Story Used Books, eventually decided to share his collection with the world. He runs the place alone (coming up on three years), accompanied by a sweet little dog, Bean. The location is a bit tricky to find:...

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The most unusual and classic Westerns you should check out

“The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (1962)

This one is Fort Lewis College professor and Western expert Mark Brenden’s favorite. It was directed by John Ford, undisputed King of the Genre (“The Searchers,” “Stagecoach”), the man responsible for forming the Hollywood Western template. But this film is more complex and...

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How the Western was won

The Western is back – except it never really went anywhere. The film genre first rose to prominence after World War II in the ’40s, with brooding cowboy John Wayne striding across Monument Valley vistas; it returned post-Vietnam in the ’60s with the Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western, branded by Clint Eastwood’s sardonic snarl;...

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Fresh off a cattle ranch, Scanlan brings Americana to the Strater

Martha Scanlan’s third record, “The Shape Of Things Gone Missing, The Shape Of Things To Come,” was released last April after her relative hiatus from the road; for five years, Scanlan lived on a 120-year-old cattle ranch in a remote corner of Montana. The new album evokes lonesome Western landscapes as vividly as her...

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Netflix and Chill - 420 Edition: ‘Planet Earth’

There are some things that go together perfectly. Bacon and eggs. Simon and Garfunkel. Brad and Angelina. Getting high and watching nature documentaries.

You might think they’re dull; there’s no plot, characters or dialogue. It’s just ... nature. How wrong you are. BBC’s “Planet Earth” is no mere nature doc; it’s an...

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Jeremy Wade Shockley, adventurer and photojournalist: ‘I like to get off the beaten path’

Jeremy Wade Shockley is a self-taught photographer and award-winning photojournalist based out of Durango and Santa Fe. He won “Best of Show” in Open Shutter Gallery’s annual international juried photography competition this year. Shockley has snapped photos all over the world: He captured the Animas River after the Gold King...

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Teasing, not pleasing: Dancer Corrina Llopart discusses the art of burlesque and why it’s more than just taking off your clothes

Burlesque can be a hobby, but rarely a career. You won’t rake in serious cash the way a talented stripper might; but then again, burlesque is more sophisticated and distinctive. It’s about teasing, not pleasing. It’s an art form, personal and particular to every performer. Plus, it’s empowering for women. Historically,...

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Hey Durango!

Hi, DGO readers! I’m the new DGO staff writer. Yes, my name is very long (my mom thought it was sexist to only give me my dad’s last name, so I’ve been saddled with both).

I was born and raised in Albany, New York, where it snows a lot – but Durango has been giving New York a run for its money. I lived in New York City...

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