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God in a box

If you’re gonna get some God in ya, you might as well have young Johnny Cash shove it in there. The Man in Black, along with the lovely June Carter Cash, joined Billy Graham’s Western Carolina Crusade – fully televised, of course, back in the ’70s. Graham’s TV crusades and radio appearances garnered him a lifetime audience of...

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Durango’s best New Year’s Eve events: Get yer party on

It’s time. Put on your good shoes, mama, and stomp the damned dust off ’em. There’s a sparklin’ fresh new year to strut into. Get 2017 going by kicking up a lovely ruckus at one of these badass parties around Durango.

Hello, Dollface presents Interstellar

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Love it hate it: New Year’s resolutions

Love ItIn his “Works and Days,” Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Similarly, over 100 years later, William Elliott Whitmore sang, “Write this down, and don’t forget – that the best of times ain’t happened yet.” And I damn well...

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Gotta-buy books of 2016

It ain’t always easy to find time in a day to read. But man, the bright light that pours outta an open book is reason enough to have a sit-down in a comfy chair and turn some pages. To help wade through the ba-zillions of books published this past year, we talked to the perfictionistsat Maria’s Bookshop.

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Vintage Durango: Back in the bowling days

There was once a time when bowling was right up Durango’s alley, when folks around town always had time to spare. Now, all we have left of Basin Bowl is this ad and some old-timers’ debauched memories of boozin’ and ballin’.

Maybe, hopefully, please, Dear Gutter–n-Pin Gods, can we have a bowling alley again? Especially...

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The good energy of the Smiley Building

Way up on a government hill, there stands a small-handed, orange President-elect who believes that climate change isn’t real. There are a contingent of people who agree with him. Incredibly, climate change is still a controversial topic. Even more contentious of a debate is how to regulate businesses into becoming more...

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Obscure seasonal cinema: A list of lesser-known holiday movies to watch this season

If you hate “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “White Christmas,” you’re a monster. Disliking Jimmy Stewart, Bing Crosby, and Rosemary Clooney is a deformity of character. But fine. There is a whole wide world of tinsel-tastic flicks out there. It’s not like you have to stick to the classics after you take off your Rudolph onesie,...

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Love it or hate it: Christmas music

Love ItSnow flutters outside. Light glitters on the tree. Hot chocolate is in hand. You know what’s next. CHRISTMAS MUSIC! I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! (Imagine me shout-singing this while leaping from a red and green, voluminously ribboned present.)

This is not a blanket statement. There are...

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Ugly Christmas sweaters: The bane and the beauty

The weather outside is getting frightful and fashion choices are getting spiteful. Queue the dramatic ringing of tubular bells … because it is UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER SEASON. Do you hate them? Do you love them? If you hear the herald angels calling, you may stop reading long enough to put on your most stylish of seasonal...

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Stocking stuffers for unlikely stoners

Nobody wants your homemade piece of crap picture frame. Ditto that for those bullshit “personal coupons” you printed off Pinterest that will immediately get lost. And I swear to gawd, don’t you dare gift a janky mason jar scene unless you are Leonardo da Terrarium.

Instead, go to Animas Herbal, 1111 Camino del Rio, No....

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Love it or Hate it: Real Christmas Trees

Love ItI know the downsides of having a real Christmas tree. The scratchy needles that get everywhere, having to pour water in so it doesn’t dry out, the time it takes to put up and take down. But the smell of pine in your living room is well worth the effort. When I lived in New York City,...

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Love it or Hate it: Eddie Redmayne

Love it Eddie Redmayne’s grandma absolutely loves his newest movie, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” I love that Eddie Redmayne loves his grams enough to talk about how excited she is for his wizard role. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m going to sometime this week purely based on her....

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