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‘This type of work isn’t for everyone.’ Talking to Richard Carpenter of UltraSteam about everything you never imagined about crime scene, trauma, and biohazard scene clean-up

When the Grim Reaper plows through your quiet abode and snatches your best pal or grandma, what happens next? What if everyone thought Aunt Becky was on vacay but really she fell down the stairs and is just now being found? There’s a smell. There’s blood. There’s more sprucing up to do than a body’s exit. Maybe nobody died,...

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Love it or hate it: Malls

Love ItI wish I could say that I hate malls, but I don’t. I really don’t. I f*cking love going to the mall.

The mall is where my 14-year-old self would commandeer a food court table with my bestie to people-watch and talk. It was the Big Wide Open World where everything was possible...

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Dreaming big and dancing hard: An interview with MarchFourth

Holy hot-brass and ass-shaking wow, MarchFourth is the freak-funk soundtrack of your boldest, best dreams. You know the dream I’m talking about, the one where you had to cut a tea time short with Funkadelic to go hang out with The Meters. But, hell and yes, the good news is you don’t have to only see them in said dreams –...

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Durango Street Style: Button-ups and tattoos from Fifth Dimension in Durango

Eddie McGuire is the gregarious sort with a giant smile, welcoming conversation, and if you’ve been to Moe’s, you’ve seen him behind the bar.

DGO chatted up McGuire about his laid-back, button-up style.

“When I first moved out here, I was almost traditional Durango where, not to be rude, I didn’t give a shit. I...

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Durango Street Style: Minimalism meets Asian-influenced streetwear

If you’ve been to an open mic at Moe’s or dang near any other music spot in town, you’ve seen Kelsey K. Parks hosting the event or singing in it. Parks sparkles, sometimes has pink hair, and is built in equal parts of adventure, effervescence, and hella intelligence. The woman spent five years in China, can speak fluent...

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Sheriff Sean Smith on admitting when you’re wrong and the long road to dream jobs

OK. So. You think you made a muck of your life. You’ve had a foot in six different career paths and they were all interesting but none stuck. Quit beating yourself up. You aren’t the only one who’s had to wade through a swamp of random wants for a few years before you saw the bridge over them all.

DGO’s “Decisions (and...

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Working from home

Love itAs much as I like the social aspects and interactions of working in an office, I find that they’re often so alluring to the point of distraction. Not to mention hearing the incessant ringtones of multiple phones, overhearing loud how-was-your-weekend conversations. At home, it’s just...

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Talkin’ about the Mancos Creative District with Sarah Syverson

Blink while driving and you’ll pass through Mancos without noticing it, which would be a damn shame, considering that it’s becoming a hella hot art hub. Mancos is Durango’s more affordable kid sister – artists and plain folks alike are heading toward its reasonable rents and wide open spaces.

The Mancos Creative...

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Mini book review: ‘Who Fears Death,’ by Nnedi Okorafor

Nigerian-American author Nnedi Okorafor won a World Fantasy Award for Best Novel for “Who Fears Death,” and it ain’t hard to see why. It’s a compelling, complex fantasy novel that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Sudan where the light-skinned Nuru oppress the dark-skinned Okeke. We follow Onyesonwu, a young woman on a quest...

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Snowdown events you won’t want to miss

Snowdown is upon us and this year’s theme is A Black Tie Affair, and the chilly bacchanalia is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Put on your old-school prom dress, a slick suit, your elegant-ass opera gloves, or whatever the heck you love to fancypants around in, and head to the midwinter shindig.

Here’s a modest...

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Love it or hate it: Tuxedos

Love ItDudes ain’t the only ones who look foxy in a tux. I mean, they do, but I have 16 suits bookmarked for when I win the lottery and can splurge on buying gunmetal grey three-pieces, floral cummerbunds, and wingtips. There’s just something sleek about a tuxedo. The outfit has a level of...

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Secrets build bridges, not walls: Talking with PostSecret’s Frank Warren

Every heart holds a shadow, and if you’re fortunate, there’s a spark in that dark as well. We all keep horrifying, joyful, and mundane secrets that we don’t usually think to share. Frank Warren, the creator of PostSecret, believes that these secrets can make us, break us, and bring us together. Fourteen years ago, Warren...

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