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Snowdown 40 years in: Drunken revelry and staying DIY

How did Durango turn into a day-drinking, hot-air-ballooning, hell-raising, pet-costuming, pants-off-dance-off, outhouse-stuffing winter wild town? The Durango Herald’s new biweekly speaker series, Durango Diaries, had a Snowdown edition on Monday, Jan. 29. Snowdown co-founder Linda Mannix, 34-year volunteer Mike Smedley, and...

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Love it or hate it: Reading in public

Love itMusic may be my life, but books are my heart. To get all Ursula Le Guin about it, “Words are my matter.” I’m the type of broad who slides a novel in her back pocket before heading to a concert or a poetry tome into a haversack before hitting the road. I can read anywhere. There’s not...

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Ellen Roberts, Lawyer and former Colorado state representative and senator, on taking risks and controlling fear

Hey all you goal-setters and go-getters, we’re solidly into the new year. If your resolutions have turned from, “I WILL WIN AT LIFE,” to “I will only drink six Coors a night,” it might be time to reassess your life path. Enter DGO’s “Decisions (and how to make them better) series.” In our first installment, Dave Thibodeau,...

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Darker plays, political work, and staged readings: Chatting with the DAC’s new artistic director

After an international search, the Durango Arts Center found its new artistic director in Pueblo native and former long-term New York City resident Kristin Skye Hoffmann. Hoffmann is the founding artistic director for NYC theater company Wide Eyed Productions. She has a Master of Fine Arts from the New School for Drama, a...

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Durango street style: Harry Potter tattoos and statement tights

If you see a bohemian chic blonde daydreaming around Durango who looks straight out of an indie movie, it may well be Harley Carney. Carney is a world traveler, hella fun to talk to, and a cosmetologist and makeup artist at Hair Fusion Salon and Spa.

DGO chatted up Carney to find out where she gets her mad-beautiful...

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Mini book review: ‘The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye,’ by Sonny Liew

“The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye,” by Sonny Liew, won the 2017 Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist – basically, the Oscars of graphic novels. It also won the Singapore Literature Prize and was on a crap-ton of best-of book lists from NPR to the Washington Post to the A.V. Club before becoming a NYT bestseller.


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Get outta town: Denver’s Zine Library

You know you’re going to do it. Sometime in the next short while, you’ll end up in Denver. When you roll over the mountains and through the passes (possibly on your way to a Trader Joe’s), make a side stop to the Denver Zine Library.

Founded in 2003, the Denver Zine Library is a nonprofit showcase for DIY magazines. It...

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Vegan Eats in Durango

Vegans, rejoice! You have options to eat in Durango.

For folks not familiar with a vegan diet – think vegetarian, so no meat, but extend that to not including any animal byproducts either. No cheese, dairy, honey, eggs, and so on. A dietary vegan eliminates animal products from their diet, while an ethical vegan extends...

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Love it or hate it: Breakfast

Love itMornings are when it’s most quiet. Mornings are when I have the most energy. Mornings are when there is always a pot of coffee on.

When it comes to traditional lunch, dinner, and breakfast foods, breakfast is the clear winner. Carbs, protein, fat, and sugar: How can you go wrong?...

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Durango Street Style: Bowties and flower beards

Ryan Garcia is so PMA that he’ll put energy into your day. Garcia is the education manager for the Durango area chapter of Planned Parenthood’s Responsible Sex Education Institute. He specializes in infectious disease, sex ed, working with diverse populations, and LGBTQIA issues. He’s a fantastic fella who’s charismatic AF,...

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Love ItEver walk around your house barefoot and after an hour or two look at the bottoms of your feet and mistake yourself for a hobbit? You could either steam clean your floors ... or you could put on a pair of socks.

Ever sink your bare feet into a pair of shoes and walk around for a...

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Dave Thibodeau of Ska Brewing on framing your day and the long road to success

There are times when life feels stagnant, you don’t know how to fix it, and you’re afraid trying to fix it will maybe cause something worse than the blah that is already happening. You look around and your friends seem to be doing OK. They have good jobs or that badass apartment. Meanwhile, you’re mucking about in...

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