Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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Kalish’s sound is built on classic country and punk rock

2017 was a light performance year for Nathan Kalish, the lightest in eight or so years of...

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Los Lobos: An American treasure 40 years in the making

They are one of the great American rock bands. America is still a melting pot, rock...

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Alissa Wolf: When her violin became a fiddle

Local fiddle player Alissa Wolf did what she could to ditch her instrument, but fortunately...

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Funky electronic Fort Knox Five to play on NYE

Durango shares a special connection with the electronic funk music scene of Washington D.C. If...

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If there’s a sax playing in Durango, it’s probably Sam Kelly

Sam Kelly is the go-to sax player in Durango. The Dolores native and Fort Lewis College music...

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From The Sadies to Ty Segall: My favorite albums of 2017

Here are the albums that held me all year, the things that made me sad or tap my toe, or want...

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Pagosa’s Ragwater comes back to its rock ’n’ roll roots

The 15-year musical partnership of Chris Haas and Chris Rapp has been a creative exploration...

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J-Calvin’s: The funky formation of an all-star Durango band

J-Calvin’s Funk Express formed inside of three minutes. Its core members, who also play...