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My journey started with Anthony Bourdain

When I first finished grad school, I moved to Portland, Oregon, to pursue the life of a...

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All the beer nerdery exploding in the beer world right now

Much like the rush from winter to summer (did spring actually happen? It felt like it was...

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Home bars should reflect personal taste and aesthetics

So, when you walk into a bar, most of the time there is a wall of liquor staring at you. There...

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Beers and biking is the only way to get around Durango

Until I moved to upstate New York, where the cold, dark winter totally decimated my physical...

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First Draughts: Taste-testing hazy IPAs to see how they stack up

Following my first writeup about the hazy IPA in October 2016, a lot has happened in the beer...

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First Draughts: Corn cutter is not a butt, and other beer terminology lessons

Working as a professional brewer while also writing a beer column for the casual beer lover is...

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American brewers have conquered most beers, but not the sacred Irish stout

I’ve never really been into drinking holidays, but last year I participated in a...

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I took a beer into a tanning booth ... for science!

If you didn’t already know, Greg Koch, owner and founder of Stone Brewing, started...