First Person

Cyle Talley shares Durango’s stories told in their own words

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‘Start, stop, start, stop. And I’m sure we’re gonna die.’

Matt Hert has the timing of a stand-up comedian. As he tells me about driving in Ireland, he...

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‘This is what I want to share with other women’

Amy Schweim has a deep tan, an electric smile, arms that Michelle Obama would feel threatened...

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Jake Padilla, on improvising in both music and life

Jake Padilla and I are having a beer together when we get to talking about playing guitar,...

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‘... there are so many questions about video games, that we fail to pay attention to the great things that come from them’

I know Brett Masse as an artist, a photographer, someone who can tell me about astrophysics...

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Molly Ahern, licensed counselor, on the pursuit of the deepest human needs

Molly Ahern speaks with her hands, using deft, nimble gestures that suit her petite frame. A...

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‘Are you sure it’s her?!’

Editor’s note: Read Part I of this story at

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‘I just can’t get over how life is just a funny serendipitous thing.’

I met Tom Nading several years ago at Telluride Music and struck up a friendship with him via...