First Person

Cyle Talley shares Durango’s stories told in their own words

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Cancer and friendship: A personal story

Allee McKown’s eyes nearly disappear when she smiles – and she does so often as...

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Ryan Mott, on roasting beans at 81301, and doing a good job or not doing it at all

Asking people if I might interview them is occasionally awkward. I try to be clear about what...

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Grant Andrew, on the moving targets of adulthood

I occasionally go to Denny’s late at night to enjoy a bit of nostalgia via a cup of...

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‘It paid off to screw up’: Will Baker on tattoos, and the value of mistakes

The sun is shining and the weather is damned near perfect as I walk through the park where...

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'They would dance, and then they would stop and argue': Stephen Sellers, on his recent trip to Cuba

You’ve seen Stephen Sellers. On stage behind an upright bass with the Six Dollar String...

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‘Oh my god, this is real. There’s a baby in there!’: A stroll through the head of a first-time father-to-be

Will Pasternack cuts an imposing figure – until he begins to speak. He has a wheezing,...

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‘If you only do the same things every day – what a boring existence.’

Effervescent. Fizzy, sparkling – take your pick. They all do justice to Tori...