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Red kerchiefs and simple prayers: A Sunday at Durango’s Cowboy Church

I ain’t church people. I used to be church people. I was raised a Southern Baptist, and...

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Pit etiquette: Unspoken rules of self-governed rock-show rowdiness

Mosh pits, holy shit. To a casual onlooker, they look like a lot of jackasses beating the snot...

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Cryotherapy: What it’s like using extreme cold to benefit your health at Durango Assertive Wellness

Future tech is here, folks, and that means that your health path may very well lead to a...

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Adventures in IUDs, part one: The insertion

Let’s get personal. For 19 years, I’ve been on the pill. As such, from 16 to 35,...

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Workin’ on your soul by workin’ the pole

I don’t have the best relationship with my body. I’m not sure anyone really...

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Meow Wolf in Santa Fe: A walk down Fascination Street

The author L.M. Montgomery wrote, “There is such a place as fairyland, but only...

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“Do you have an appointment?”: Going to Planned Parenthood feels like a battle zone

Two men who appear armed walk toward my car. What does a gal do next?

The parking lot is...

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Anti-LGBTQ isn’t behind us: Why we still need Pride festivals

Before I moved to Durango, I lived in Chicago. I walked past a McDonald’s in...