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The Polit-Apocalypse is upon us: A style prayer for America

As I write this column, the election is still a week away ... Oh, America, what will become of...

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With these ideas, there’s no reason not to have a killer costume

Halloween 2016 is fast approaching! The holiday falling on a Monday this year is calendrically...

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Here’s how to navigate fall fashions, secondhand style

Durango has a surprisingly fine selection of vintage, secondhand and thrift stores (as...

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Polyester: Yesterday’s fabric of the future, today!

A few weeks ago, Style Fetish deemed polyester the

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Vestlove: Slip into the evocative, wide-ranging and time-traveling style of the vest

The vest is one of our oldest and most widespread styles of clothing. This versatile, simple,...

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To Sarah Jessica Parker, Crocs guy and toe shoe wearers: Please Don’t

It sounds like a plea, but it’s kind of a favor. It is a warning, an admonishment and a...

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How to: Chic, do-it-yourself denim

This fall’s current embellished-denim trends lend a fabulous opportunity to expand your...

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When it rains, your fabrics should be natural

Deal with the monsoon torrents of our wet, hot Colorado August being stylish and comfortable...