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Dapper Dan, hip-hop style icon Legendary Harlem haberdasher sampled logos like rappers sampled beats

Let’s take a look at the fascinating story of the most influential tailor you’ve...

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Discovering Era Art and Vintage

This week, we are spotlighting a new venture by former Durangoan Tirzah Camacho.

You may...

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Nasty purity: Remembering the style of Prince

In life, Prince vibrated on a higher frequency, musically and stylistically. In death, he has...

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The role of the boot in popular music

I love boots. And music. And lyrics. This week, Style Fetish highlights some musical boots...

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Ladies of all shapes: Rock the T and denim right

There is no clothing combo more classic than a white T-shirt and jeans. Forever cool, these...

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What’s the deal with comedy and clothing?

Allow me to improv, as Style Fetish considers just a few of my favorite ways from the past...

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Spring cleaning for style

This time of seasonal renewal can inspire us to freshen up our wardrobes and be ready for the...

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Spotted: Neo-Victorian Goth

Hannah Grant was creeping silently by on two-inch crepe soles, but I caught her in the...