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A mission at Standing Rock

Students caravan to N.D. to battle corporate might, protest pipeline and protect the environment, sacred grounds

Protesters sing, dance, and pray before an armed militia lining the crest of Turtle Hill. Courtesy of Lee Eversole
On Thanksgiving morning, over 100 protesters marched along Highway 6, the main access route to the DAPL access site. They continued to the Front Line - the bridge where three vehicles had been torched and where protesters were beaten, gassed, and sprayed with water cannons. Amidst megaphone threats from the militia, "Stop or be fired upon!" - the peaceful protesters halted before the bridge. Courtesy of Lee Eversole
Shortly after reaching the Standing Rock protest site, nine members of the Fort Lewis/Durango contingent avow support for the DAPL protesters and the Sioux Nation sovereignty. Courtesy of Lee Eversole
Amnesty International representatives discuss the circumstances of the head wound of a young man who'd been struck with a rubber bullet. 20 staples were required for the wound. Courtesy of Lee Eversole
Overview of Očhéthi Šakówiŋ Camp. Courtesy of Lee Eversole