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Cannabis dispensary guide to Southwest Colorado

Where are they? What are the deals? What’s the in-store vibe? We have answers

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Cannabis dispensary guide to Southwest Colorado

Weed tour! Southwest Colorado has dozens of dispensaries situated in quaint, historic towns near state parks, breweries, adventure sports, and scenic locales. Whether you’re on a quick herb errand or want a fabulous day trip, here’s your guide to Colorado’s Four Corners cannabis community.

Reminder: You can find more extensive discounts if you check a dispensary’s social media accounts for pop-up sales.

Regarding discounts: Assume that you will need to show appropriate I.D. for local, military, or medical discounts (some recreational-only shops offer deep discounts for customers with medical cards, so be sure to ask). Also, each store will have a different policy on if they do or do not allow discount-stacking.


Acme Healing Center Durango

1644 Colorado Road 203, 247-2190, www.acmehealingcenter.com



15 percent off to military or veterans

5 percent off locals

varied daily and weekly specials

Menu: www.acmehealingcenter.com/strains

Store vibe: A golden wood interior gives Acme Healing Center Durango a serene ambiance. Their u-shaped counter encourages you to pull up a chair and talk to astute budtenders. Added bonus, Acme’s the closest dispensary to Purgatory Mountain Resort.

Animas Herbal Recreational Store

1111 Camino del Rio, Suite 5, 385-8622, www.animasherbal.com

Medical and recreational


15 percent off to military or veterans

Full flower 1 gram joints – one joint for $10, four for $35, seven for $60

$40 eighths from the Gold Shelf

$200 select ounces

Pick up a review card in-store, then leave a review on Google, Facebook, Weedmaps, or Leafly to receive two grams for the price of one. Must present review card for discount.

Menu: www.animasherbal.com/menu

Store vibe: High quality, Colorado-grown cannabis, edibles, drinks, tinctures, CBD products, and more line the cases in Animas Herbal’s artistic, cozy space. A friendly, informed staff is ready to step in if you want guidance through their plethora of cannabis products.

Colorado Grow Co.

965½ Main Ave., 259-1647, www.coloradogrowcompany.com



20 percent off to military or veterans

20 percent off locals discount (Bayfield, Hesperus, Ignacio, and other nearby towns included)

20 percent off to medical MJ card holders (any state)

20 percent off to students with current I.D.

Loyalty card: Buy nine of any item and get your 10th for a penny

Daily specials on flower

Menu: http://www.coloradogrowcompany.com/recent-strains

Store vibe: An open concept space with warm, exposed brick, the Colorado Grow Company is the only dispensary located on Main Ave. in downtown Durango. Tucked away on the second floor above The Jewelry Works, customers are encouraged to shop at their own pace in a historic space. Strains are available to see and smell up close.

Durango Organics Recreational Store

72 Suttle St., Suite G, 259-3674, http://durangoorganics.com

Medical and recreational


10 percent off to military or veterans

$225 select ounces

Happy hour: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily on rec side for select $35 eighths

Menu: www.durangoorganics.com/durango-marijuana-strains

Store vibe: Known for their vast edible selection, Durango Organics is a clean, courteous shop that strives to provide high quality cannabis. Budtenders will guide you through the edible and bud bars.

Durango Rec Room

145 E. College Drive, 764-4087, www.durangorecroom.com



10 percent off locals discount on flower

$12 1 gram select top shelf bud

$35 eighths select top shelf bud

Menu: www.durangorecroom.com/flower

Store vibe: Located on College Drive in downtown Durango, the Durango Rec Room is a bright, spacious shop located on the second floor of the Sunburst building. It’s a calm, well-lit space where you’re encouraged to make yourself feel at home while you look at the menu of Southwest Colorado-grown product.

The Greenery

208 E. Parker Ave. Suite E, 403-3710, http://durangogreenery.com



20 percent off to military or veterans

Loyalty card: Get nine stamps and your 10th is free (Categories include joints, grams, eighths, and edibles.)

Monday: Buy one gram and get the second gram 50 percent off

Tuesday: 15 percent off all edibles and drinks

Wednesday: 15 percent off all wax, shatter, hash, and oils

Thursday: 15 percent off any one item of your choice

Friday: Spend $50 and get a pre-roll for $1

Menu: http://durangogreenery.com/marijuana-strains

Store vibe: The Greenery demystifies pot shopping for beginners and carries the variety that connoisseurs enjoy in a discreet, accessible location in Bodo industrial park. Owned by Joel and Brian, Fort Lewis alumni and longtime Durango residents, The Greenery uses natural, innovative grow systems to create a sustainable, community-friendly business.

Medical Horticulture Services (MHS)

789 Tech Center Drive, Suite E, 247-4372, www.mhsdgo.com



Monday: Four-gram eighths - limit two eighths

Tuesday: 20 percent off topicals, tinctures, and tablets

Wednesday: $155 select one ounce, $300 select two ounces

Thursday: Buy two edibles, get the third for 50 percent off

Friday: Buy two joints, get the third free

Saturday: Buy three get fourth free on vapes, hash, and concentrates

Sunday: $20 eighths select strains

Menu: www.mhsdgo.com/strain-menu

Store Vibe: Medical Horticulture Services (MHS) is a locally-owned dispensary with an on-site grow facility. You must have a Colorado medical MJ card to enter. They have an all-organic, discreet facility with over 30 strains in rotation, member perks, and an informed staff.

Rocky Mountain High

120 E. 36th St., 259-4093, http://rockymountainhigh.co



10 percent off to military or veterans

30 percent off for medical MJ cardholders

Happy hour: 4:20 to 6 p.m. every day, four pre-rolls for $20

Loyalty card: Buy seven eighths and get your eighth eighth for $1

Menu: www.massroots.com/strains

Store Vibe: Rocky Mountain High has seven locations across Colorado, with Durango’s being in a beautiful red castle-house on the north side of town. Expect an upscale selection of top-quality, Colorado-grown cannabis, extracts, oils, edibles, and hash in a chill, no-rush environment.

Santé Durango

742½ Main Ave., 375-2837, www.santecolorado.com

Medical and recreational


Wheel Wednesdays: Spin the in-store wheel and receive the deal you land on

Loyalty program: Special pricing, discounts, and points for every visit after sign-up

Menu: www.santecolorado.com/recreational

Store Vibe: Safe, discreet, and professional service awaits you at Santé. Cordial, up-to-date staff will usher you through high-end, locally-grown cannabis, infusions, accessories, tinctures, topicals, and all of your cannabis questions in a historic, downtown Durango shop.

Telluride Bud Co.

3473 Main Ave., 422-8311, www.telluridebc.com



Daily specials on select strains

Loyalty card: Fill a card and be entered into a drawing for big discounts

Menu: www.telluridebc.com/durango-retail-marijuana-store-telluride-bud-company.html

Store Vibe: Hardwood floors and bright white walls create an upbeat, industrial rustic look. Easy-going staff are ready to answer your big and small cannabis questions.


The Doobie Sisters

695 N. Broadway, Cortez, (970) 565-2345, http://doobiesistersco.com



Monday: 20 percent off topicals

Tuesday: 20 percent off edibles

Wednesday: Buy one, get one 50 percent off concentrates

Thursday: 20 percent off drinks

Friday: Purchase any full-priced eighth and get a gram free (Does not apply to Willie’s Reserve)

Happy hour: 4:20 to 7 p.m. every day, all flower prices drop.

Doobie Dollars do not apply to discounted items.

Menu: http://doobiesistersco.com/menu

Store Vibe: Locally-owned, the Doobie Sisters is run by real sisters. They provide high-end, Colorado-grown weed in a comfortable, amiable environment.

Durango Organics

1104 E. Main St., Cortez, (970) 565-6500, http://durangoorganics.com/cortez-marijuana-dispensary

Medical and recreational


10 percent off to military or veterans

$25 eighths popcorn buds

Select grams starting at $10

Loyalty program: Special pricing and discounts after sign-up

Menu: http://durangoorganics.com/cortez-marijuana-dispensary

Store Vibe: Durango Organics Cortez is a homey storefront that showcases a surprisingly wide variety of cannabis products (especially concentrates and edibles) in a smaller space. Reasonable prices and an experienced staff.

The Herbal Alternative

1531 Lebanon Rd., Cortez, (970) 529-7007, http://theherbalalternative.net

Medical and recreational


10 percent off to military or veterans

10 percent off locals discount (CO I.D. holders)

Early bird: 10 percent off everything from 8 to 10 a.m.

30 percent off to CO medical MJ cardholders (medicated products only)

50 percent off joints on days when the pirate flag is flying (usually bad weather or heavy wind days)

Loyalty card: Issued for specific categories

Monday: Mix or match four grams for the same price as a regular eighth OR mix and match seven grams for 30 percent off of the regular price; $100 ounces of select prepackaged strains from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.; 50 percent off select strains 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Tuesday: $70 for two eighths; $100 ounces of select prepackaged strains from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.; 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 50 percent off select strains

Wednesday: Wheel Wednesday: Spin the in-store wheel and get whatever deal you land on; $100 ounces of select prepackaged strains from 1 to 3 p.m.

Thursday: $100 ounces of select prepackaged strains from 1 to 3 p.m.

Friday: 20 percent off everything in store

Saturday: $10 off all concentrates

Sunday: 20 percent off everything in store

More discounts apply to medical-specific purchases.

Menu: http://theherbalalternative.net/recreational/flowers

Store Vibe: Do you want a brewery tour experience but with cannabis? The Herbal Alternative runs tours of their entire facility – medical and recreational grows included – at 2 p.m. every day. Hospitable, fun budtenders can guide you through cutting-edge, fresh products from edibles to strains.


1819 E. Main St., Cortez, (970) 565-9577, http://www.livwell.com/cortez-2/



Varied deals on weekly featured products

Sign-up for LivWell Rewards for more deals

Menu: www.livwell.com/products

Store Vibe: A storefront in historic Cortez, located nine miles from Mesa Verde National Park, LivWell Cortez carries a vast amount of edibles, concentrates, glass, apparel, and more than 20 strains.

The Medicine Man

310 E. Main St., Cortez, (970) 564-5181


Medical and recreational


15 percent off to military or veterans

Early bird: 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. every day, varied discounts

Happy hour: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day, varied discounts

Monday: 20 percent off moon rocks

Tuesday: 20 percent off concentrates

Wednesday: 20 percent off CBD products

Thursday: 20 percent off all drinks, buy one get one on joints, and a manager’s special

Friday: Buy one eighth get a joint for one penny

Saturday: 20 percent off edibles

Sunday: four gram eighths

Menu: http://cortezmedicineman.com/products

Store Vibe: A roomy, easy-to-find store, The Medicine Man hosts a selection of cannabis, extracts, edibles, and pre-rolls.


The Bud Farm

385 N. Willow St., Mancos, (970) 533-9931, http://thebudfarm.net

Medical and recreational


$145 (plus tax) weekly grower’s special top shelf ounce

Loyalty card for locals only: 420 punch card. For every $20 spent, card is punched, when $420 is spent, turn in the card for a $42 discount.

Monday: 15 percent off edibles, $10 select grams, $2 off joints

Tuesday: 15 percent off any two items

Wednesday: $35 eighths, $200 select top shelf ounce

Thursday: $10 select grams, 15 percent off pipes

Friday: 15 percent off wax and Trailblazer hash, 15 percent off military or veterans or patrons wearing red

Saturday: 15 percent off shatter, 20 percent off glass pipes, $70 1/4s

Sunday: $10 select grams, $200 select top shelf ounce

Menu: http://thebudfarm.net/marijuana-products/recreational-marijuana-bud-menu

Store Vibe: The Bud Farm is a boutique-size ma-n-pa pot shop with an on-site grow facility. With easy highway access, the Bud Farm specializes in creating personal relationships with customers and flavorful connoisseur strains.


449 Railroad Ave., Suite 1, Mancos, (970) 533-9848, http://www.livwell.com/locations/



Varied deals on weekly featured products

Sign-up for LivWell Rewards for more deals

Menu: www.livwell.com/products

Store Vibe: LivWell Mancos is a bright, cheerful addition to the cannabis community. At 7,000 feet elevation, LivWell Mancos has flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, glass, accessories, and more in a primo mountain setting.

Pagosa Springs

Good Earth Meds

600 Cloman Blvd., Suite 1, Pagosa Springs, (970) 731-3202, http://goodearthmeds.com



10 percent off to veterans (with I.D.)

10 percent off all non-sale items every Tuesday

Medical MJ cardholders discount when asked

Discount basket: Large basket in-store filled to the brim with daily-rotating products all 20 percent off

Menu: http://goodearthmeds.com/rec-menu_302.html

Store Vibe: A little off the beaten path, Good Earth Meds is worth the drive. It may look non-descript from the front, but enter and you’ll find a warmly-finished, open-concept dispensary. A patient staff.

The Green House

270 E. Pagosa St., Pagosa Springs, (970) 264-3420, http://greenhousepagosa.com



Veterans get double stamps

Loyalty card: Five stamps gets a penny gram of select bud

Early bird: $300 select ounces 8 a.m. to noon

Happy hour: $300 select ounces 7 to 9 p.m.

Menu: http://greenhousepagosa.com/our-current-menu

Store Vibe: A large greenhouse with a bright white roof is a hop off the highway in downtown Pagosa Springs. The Green House has three full-service counters with well-versed budtenders ready to guide you through their extensive selection of edibles, tinctures, topicals, strains, concentrates, and therapeutic products.

Pagosa Organic Therapeutics

298 Bastille Dr., Suite B1, Pagosa Springs, (970) 731-4204, http://pagosaorganic.com

Medical and recreational


Rotating daily and weekly deals

Menu: http://pagosaorganic.com/our-current-menu

Store Vibe: Pagosa Organic Therapeutics looks utilitarian from the outside, with its metal corrugated structure, but its vivid walls make it cheerful on the inside. They have a wide variety of topicals, edibles, tinctures, and other cannabis produts.

San Juan Strains

356 E. Pagosa St., Suite B., Pagosa Springs, (970) 264-5323, http://sanjuanstrains.com



Happy hour: 3 to 6 p.m., rotating daily specials

Monday: 20 percent off health and wellness products

Tuesday: 10 percent off San Juan Strains apparel

Wednesday: Buy two grams of concentrate and get a free edible

Thursday: Buy two multidose infused drinks and get a free pint glass

Friday: 20 percent off all intimate products

Saturday: 20 percent off all concentrates

Sunday: 15 percent off baked goods from 8 a.m. to noon

Menu: http://sanjuanstrains.com/menu-2

Store Vibe: An eager staff create a welcoming atmosphere at San Juan Strains. An approachable storefront with a comfy lobby leads into modern rustic counters with budtenders who will work with you to find what suits your needs, rather than pushing brands on you.


Acme Healing Center

1330 Greene St., Silverton, (970) 387-0267, https://www.acmehealingcenter.com



$125 select ounces every day

Menu: www.acmehealingcenter.com/strains

Store Vibe: Quality cannabis and a focus on amiable education of customers are standout services at Acme Healing Center Silverton. Stop by after your trip on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge train for a picturesque pot store in a historic downtown.

Silverton Green Works

124 E. 13th St., Suite A, Silverton, (970) 387-9931, https://www.silvertongreenworks.com



25 percent off to military or veterans (with I.D.)

15 percent off for medical MJ cardholders (any state)

Menu: www.silvertongreenworks.com/price-list

Store Vibe: Super-friendly staff and a convenient downtown location make Silverton Green Works a must-visit when in the cozy, mountain town. Expect affordable pricing and a great selection of cannabis, especially pre-rolls, edibles, and extracts.


Alpine Wellness

300 W. Colorado Ave., Suite 2C, Telluride, (970) 728-1834, http://alpinewellness.co

Medical and recreational


Rotating daily and weekly deals

Menu: No online menu available

Store Vibe: Knowledgeable budtenders will spend time with you at this friendly, convenient storefront. Loud, blue and red walls paired with warm hardwood floors create joyful, open space that will be a variety-packed pleasure to shop in.


115 W. Colorado Ave., Telluride, (970) 728-5880, www.cannabistelluride.com

Medical and recreational


Rotating daily and weekly specials

Menu: www.cannabistelluride.com/menu

Store Vibe: Pre-rolled joints, bubble hash, concentrates, and potent, organic strains are what you’ll find at Delilah in downtown Telluride. You’ll find connoisseur strains not available elsewhere.

Telluride Bud Co.

135 S. Spruce St., Telluride, (970) 239-6039, http://www.telluridebc.com



Rotating daily and weekly specials

Menu: www.telluridebc.com/telluride-retail-marijuana-store.html

Store Vibe: At Telluride Bud Co., you’ll peruse top-shelf strains, a diverse array of infused products, and cannabis light caviar (marijuana flower infused with hash or concentrated THC). This locally-owned shop in downtown Telluride has a reputation for trailblazing their grow capabilities and customer service.

Telluride Green Room

250 S. Fir St., Telluride, (970) 728-7999, http://telluridegreenroom.com

Medical and recreational


Rotating daily and weekly specials

Menu: http://telluridegreenroom.com/menu

Store Vibe: Reasonable prices and a wide variety keep folks coming to Telluride Green Room. The pet-friendly storefront has approachable budtenders willing to take the time to lead you through their products.

Pssst! Help us keep these listings up to date

All information and specials are current as of April 2017. If you are a business and have a change you’d like to request to your listing, please email ptempleton@bcimedia.com.