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Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk

What is it?A 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid and testing around 20 percent THC, Lemon Skunk is the result of breeding two different skunk strains, each known for their lemon-like properties to maximize the limonene terpenes.

The effectsSmooth yet stealthy, Lemon Skunk comes on with all the busyness you would expect from a sativa. Need to organize the closet? Pack away the winter clothes (finally), sort out what you don’t want for a give-away? Better be fast – after the initial sativa-punch rush you’ll find yourself drawn more towards the couch and further into the depths of your mind.

The smellThe sweet tart of fresh lemon covers the high pungent smell of skunk like a soft blanket. Not like other skunks, this is a lovely, light, fresh scent. The skunk is tamed by the presence of clean citrus. It smells like a cuddle, soft and sweet.

The look Fat, dense, dark buds generously covered in a tangle of soft, orange hairs. This bud has incredible genetics, it is gorgeous, every hair wrapped tight, its density a testimony to its genetic creation.

The tasteLemon Skunk is like old-world wine. It’s a classic that so many newer strains can be traced to. Tart like lemon drops on the inhale with sharp notes of skunk, and a sweet and smooth aftertaste on the exhale. Wonderful in a vaporizer or old-school in a big joint for a deep, earthy, citrus taste.

The final verdictLemon Skunk is a true hybrid, middle of the road, best of both worlds strain. Physically, the rush of sativa gives way to the euphoria of indica. Mentally, this is a mind-active weed, good for creative endeavors, great conversations, or deep thoughts.

Meggie J