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Strain of the Week: Chem-4

Strain of the Week: Chem-4

What is it?Chem-4 is considered the best of the Chemdog phenotypes, and, unlike the others, is more of an indica. Shrouded in mystery and arguments, its rumored beginnings say it is from Montana with early roots in Colorado and Massachusetts. Let’s just say it’s an all-American.

The EffectsThis fast-hitting strain feels instantly uplifting like a high-end sativa for the first 15 minutes. Then, out of nowhere, it body slams you and refuses to let you up for a few hours. The body buzz is warm and comfortable, but time feels like it’s moving extremely slow while you try to figure out what just hit you.

The SmellA deep inhale makes you feel the smell deep in your upper sinuses while you visualize a blender filled with oranges and freshly cut pine needles.

The LookThe Chem-4 plant creates very resinous buds that, if grown properly, have a pale green appearance with an overabundance of crystals.

The TasteDespite a very small hint of diesel smell when fresh, the taste is more lemon citrus and goes down nice and smooth

The Final verdictChem-4 is a very powerful strain, and beginners should use caution. I really enjoyed the initial Sativa feel, but was disappointed to see it go when the time-warping indica set in. Most people who smoked it loved the down side. It definitely enhances your visual perception, and some faint hallucinations can be seen if you overindulge. It’s good for stress, pain, headaches, insomnia and destroying a bag of Doritos while watching TV.

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