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Strain review: Critical Mass

Strain review: Critical Mass

What is it?This strain was developed by Mr. Nice Seeds in an effort to improve and stabilize a previous strain called Big Bud. Its predecessor grew very heavy buds, but the overall effect of the strain was definitely sub par. Crossing an Afghani landrace with a Skunk #1 gave this strain the potency and desired effects without compromising the heavy yields. Coming in at around 25 percent THC, this indica-dominant cross has definitely outperformed all expectations.

The effectsFor an indica, the high comes on very quickly. You instantly notice a strong cerebral buzzing feeling followed by an even stronger body high. Despite its potency, it remains relatively clear-minded through the whole experience. About 10 minutes in you’ll definitely notice a change in perception, and a strong euphoric psychoactive response. Some users will notice a dizzy sensation if taken in higher doses.

The lookExtremely dense large buds with pale green buds, and plenty of crystals.

The smellA bit of the Skunk comes through, but you’ll notice more of an earthy aroma.

The tasteOld school Kush taste with a hint of cola and pine.

The final verdictIf you have pain, insomnia, stress or just want a great indica high, Critical Mass should be your go-to strain. In big doses, this heavy-hitter will lock you on the couch, and sedate you into a pleasant coma. It’s very comfortable all the way through. Thought processes are very complex while remaining uplifting, but you might regret taking that last hit if you want to be active. This is one of those great evening-at-home strains that lead to a great night’s sleep.

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