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You know we don’t speak Spanish. But if YOU do, you might like our new single, who’s a Spanish-speaking manager of both properties and (sooner rather than later) your heart. He grew up in Mexico, knows how to get that special restaurant treatment, and has spent a little time in a place called Nicaragua. If you’re interested, send us an email from behind whatever quesadilla you’re shoveling into your gullet at dgohotsingles@dgomag.com and tell us about yourself. Or, shoot us an email to be featured as a single. Either way, reach out and touch us via the interwebs. We’re here for you.

Dave Sugnet

Age: 28

Sign: Virgo

Occupation: I’m a property manager for Vacasa, a vacation rental management company. My title is local operations manager. I oversee 45 homes and condos all through the valley.

What is your poison?My poison might be going out too late at Joel’s on a Friday night, or a mojito.

Why are you single?Good question. I had a long-term relationship in the past, like my college days in Crestview, Colorado. Since I’m back in my hometown, I’ve been exploring my options and looking around, trying to see who I am as a person.

What are you looking for in a lady?Someone who is intelligent and has a good sense of humor right off the bat. Someone who I can relate with emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone about philosophy, life, and a lot of the things that people in society don’t talk about every day. Talking about real shit, the human condition. It’s good to get into the deep stuff, I feel.

What does a typical weekend look like for you?It’s packed full of fun. I love having fun in the mountains. The mountains are my church. I love skiing and mountain biking. I like to be outside and have fun with friends.

Tell me something about yourself that other people don’t know?I speak Spanish. I lived in Nicaragua for a year, and also grew up in Baha, Mexico. I love getting along with all the guys at the Mexican restaurants, getting that special treatment.