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The good energy of the Smiley Building

Its tenants include artists, businesses and non-profits. But what exactly goes on in this eco-friendly building?

The south side entrance to the Smiley Building.
An ocean-themed painting on an interior wall of Smiley Building as people work on their laptops in the cafe area.
People congregate in the café of the Smiley Building, some working, some eating and some in conversation with friends.
Shaun Stanley/BCI Media

A woman clinbs a stairwell inside the Smiley Building past a painting on a wall beneath her.
A woman reads notices posted on a community board within the Smiley Building.
Shaun Stanley/BCI Media

Abstract artwork becomes more abstract with veiwed within a stairwell of Smiley Building.
Shaun Stanley/BCI Media

Hula hoops hang on a wall on the top floor of the Smiley Building.