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DGO picks in and around Durango: December 13 to December 19

SoDown with TruFeelzRock out to two acts coming through to Durango’s Animas City Theatre this week: SoDown and TruFeelz. Described as bass music with soul, SoDown, aka Ehren River Wright, has played at festivals across the country and has served a huge role in the Colorado music scene....

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Odd Rot art: War Pigs

Patty Templeton wants the U.S. to spend $70 billion of its $590 billion-plus defense budget on free public college for all. Chat at her about democratic socialism on Twitter at @PattyTempleton.

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DGO picks in and around Durango: December 6 to December 12

DGO pours for Guys’ NightWant to watch the DGO staff bumble through a night of serving beers? Well, you’re in luck because we’ll be the guest hosts at Billy Goat Saloon’s Guys’ Night. Not only will you probably get a good laugh out of Billy Goat trying to make bartenders out of us...

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Bad tattoo contest: Help us help you

Attention, dear readers: Are you so ashamed of your bad tattoo that you don’t want to leave your house? Do your friends give your shit for your bad ink?

Want to win a consultation and two FREE laser removal sessions from Durango Dermatology?

Or, perhaps you just want to cover it up with something cooler? Well,...

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Got Each Other

Patty Templeton read Gwynne Garfinkle’s movie monster poetry collection, “People Change,” and wants you to buy it, too. Talk to her about books on Twitter via @PattyTempleton or at instagram.com/pattytempleton.

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Changes, they are a’comin’: Hey, readers. We have a big announcement.

Hey there, readers. We have some news for you. Want to know what it is? Of course you do, but I like to drag out the suspense as long as possible. A little further...a little further. All right. Here we go.

So, the news is that DGO Mag is expanding, which we think is pretty darn rad. To kick off the new year, we will...

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Get Outta Town: Tinkertown Museum, land of wooden wonders

There is a world created by a former carnival worker that you need to see. It’s a world of pure imagination (yes, we stole that from Willy Wonka), and it’s within a day’s drive of Durango. We’re talking about Tinkertown Museum in Sandia Park, New Mexico.

It’s hard to describe the world that Ross Ward, who once worked as...

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DGO picks in and around Durango: November 29 to December 5

Rocking rock musicDavid Bowie, Prince, Kurt Cobain, Patti Smith, Mick Jagger – doesn’t matter the musicians or the era. Dress up as your favorite rock star and show up ready to party at iAM MUSIC’s ROCK the Rock Lounge event. This “fundraiser with a musical twist” is for any and all rock music...

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Please don’t be the douchetroll who goes around asking people to smile. Debate this stance with Patty Templeton on Twitter via @PattyTempleton.

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Crappy ink contest: Bad tattoos from readers, part 2

It’s another week in the Land of Terrible Tattoos. Spill the tea on your bad ink decisions and we’ll fix you up with a chance to improve your circumstances with either a free cover-up with Robert Smith of Black Mountain Tattoo in Cortez or a free consultation and two free laser removal sessions with Durango Dermatology. To...

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Tattoo artists and their tattoos: Local artists on what life is like behind the needle

Just above the long scar on Bill Peoples’ upper right arm is the image of a man keeled over and hurling up the contents of his stomach. Above the scar is a tattoo of a man holding a shotgun in the direction of the viewer, a woman spinning around a pole, and above that is the name of the strip club Peoples worked at for more...

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Local artists’ best approaches to giving their clients a good tattoo

Every tattoo artist has a unique way of sinking their needle into someone’s skin. Different styles. Different focuses on detail. Different interpretations. Still, most artists work with the same goals in mind: to make the customer happy and create a good piece of art.

We spoke to local artists about what they believe is...

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The worst tattoos local artists have seen over the years

Look. We’ve all made mistakes, and many of us have made bad decisions when it comes to permanently inking ourselves in a tattoo shop. Or a basement. Or a garage. Hey, we don’t know where you like to get your tattoos.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to live with those forehead-slapping tattoos for a while. On the other...

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