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Edible review: Forbidden Fruit

Real talk: If I had been in the Garden of Eden, you can almost bet your ass I would have taken a big ol’ bite of that forbidden fruit that Eve indulged in, even knowing that it would relegate all of mankind to a life of leaf underwear. I’m just that kind of idiot.

Considering my penchant for making biblically dumb...

“Judy,” Rupert Goold’s Garland biopic, doesn’t do the legendary actress any justice

The thing with biopics is that the more famous and beloved the person being portrayed, the higher the standards – and more biting the criticisms – will most likely be. Judy Garland is one of the most famous and beloved women to have ever graced the silver screen, and because of this, there have been a ton of biographies and...

Air Force major claims he shot alien in new book, “Strange Craft”

Aliens might not be as immune to humans as we might think they are. This is, anyway, according to Air Force Major George Filer III, an 84-year-old and retiree, in a new book titled “Strange Craft: The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs,” written by John L. Guerra.

In the book, Filer, a...

These UFO videos are real, the US Navy says

UFOs are real. OK, duh, we already knew that but the US Navy is FINALLY agreeing with us.

The US Navy confirmed footage showing UFOs zipping around is indeed real, according to CNN. Of course, they’re not saying what those flying saucers are or even what they think they are but they’re not about to be spewing alien...

Did these two bowhunters see aliens in Taos, New Mexico?

Donald Trump believes he is “the chosen one,” child-rapist Roman Polanski won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice International Film Festival, and now there’s killer slime taking over beaches in France. So, it seems inevitable that an alien race could be closing in on us or, at the very least, they are showing up in Taos, New...

The fall of Satan’s Den: 17 years after his death, the Toy Box Killer’s accomplice is free from prison

Warning: This article contains disturbing descriptions of violence, sexual assault, and rape against women. If you need to reach out, there is 24-hour support for survivors through Durango’s Sexual Assault Services Organization (SASO) at 970-259-3074 or nationally through RAINN at...

Fall festivities we highly recommend you dig your flannels out for

Summer is slipping away and fall is dropping in. While we are self-admitted autumn weather fanatics, we all know that precious time will last about two weeks before it starts snowing again. We’re still so sick of snow.

Anyway, time to dig out your flannel and head to these fall events in the Four Corners.

Get outta town: Route 66 is alive with the sound of music

Here we were thinking the saying “when roads sing” was the equivalent to “when pigs fly,” and now we’re sitting at our desk watching endless YouTube videos of drivers making their way down Route 66 as the road belts out “America the Beautiful.” It’s probably American drivers at their most wholesome, and it’s touching to see...

Wanna bet Coloradoans will be able to legally gamble on sports soon?

Do Coloradoans want to gamble on sports? That’s the question us Mile High state residents are going to have to ask ourselves this November 5.

According to Westword, legislators passed a bill legalizing sports betting in Colorado and, in May, Governor Jared Polis signed it. However, it’s up to the people via Proposition...

Some CO farmers may get insurance for their hemp crops

Now that hemp is federally legal (since it is, ya know, NOT marijuana!), institutions are starting to unlock access to basic business necessities, like insurance for hemp farmers.

In the past, hemp farmers haven’t had access to the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation because, well, marijuana, according to Westword. The...

Advocates and artists are fighting for the clean up of more than 500 abandoned mines on Navajo Nation

Jerrel Singer never wanted to be an artist. Though his family was filled with creatives, he was headed at 22 years old in the opposite direction. He was a Navajo college student and on his way to becoming a mechanical engineer.

It wasn’t meant to be.

His father became gravely ill with cancer and Singer dropped...

Why does CO love presidential hopeful Andrew Yang so much? ‘Must be the weed’

Andrew Yang, a 2020 democratic presidential candidate and apparently Colorado favorite, has been polling pretty well in the Mile High State.

On Tuesday, a Colorado poll revealed that Yang was doing much better here than in other primary states, according to Newsweek.

After the Emerson Polling data results were...

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