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Chewbacca vs. stormtrooper: Epic Star Wars snowball fight captured near Durango

Mortal enemies Chewbacca and a stormtrooper were caught on camera having an intergalactic battle involving snowballs and a snow blower, just north of our fair city Durango.

According to Albuquerque television station KRQE, Durango photographer Hank Blum filmed the epic scene which involved the two Star Wars characters...

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Our new favorite thing: Snoop Dogg and Matthew McConaughey karaoke

Want to see Snoooooo-oooooop and ol’ stoner “Sure be cool if you would” Matthew McConaughey sing a little carpool karaoke? Of freaking course you do, cause it’ll make your day, week, and month infinitely better.

In case you missed it, you can catch Snoop D-Oh-Double-G and his “The Beach Bum” costar McConaughey, whose...

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Acid trips and college furniture: Are psychedelic drugs the key to unlocking the mind?

Late spring of my sophomore year in college, my friends and I decided to have a house-warming party.

The small liberal arts school I attended required students to live on campus for two years. Having completed my dorm duty, I was moving into a dilapidated mid-century clapboard house with two friends. It was the first...

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Get Outta Town: Climb Sandia Peak to pay your respect to the TWA Flight 260 crash

It’s a little weird that people would climb a mountain to look at the site of a plane crash from 64 years ago, but we get it. Tragedy always seems to accompany morbid curiosity.

As history goes, on February 19, 1955, TWA Flight 260 was on its way from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, but the 40-passenger plane and its occupants...

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Is voting for City Council the ultimate ‘support local’ move?

When Marcos Wisner told me he was running for City Council, I was surprised. Not in a bad way – as a Durango native and the co-owner of Ernie’s 11th Street Station, I knew this small business owner was smart enough to hold his own on the council. No, what surprised me was that he was going for it in the first place. I mean,...

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Terrible ICP ink no more: Bad tattoo contest update

Back in November, we here at DGO Mag decided to offer up the opportunity for a few poor souls to right the wrongs of the terrible tattoos that were once inked into their skin.

We worked with Black Mountain Tattoo in Cortez to snag one winner a free cover-up and Durango Dermatology to get another winner a free...

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Underground aliens and cattle mutilations: Dulce, New Mexico has long been the site of strange activity and conspiracy theories

Before the gory cattle mutilations, break-ins, and threatening phone calls, Dulce, New Mexico was a safe and peaceful place for R. Edmund Gomez and his family.

It wasn’t a place where you locked your doors or were wary of your neighbors, Edmund said. He and his family worked their ranch then – a ranch that had been in...

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As if the world isn’t scary enough, a snow tornado was spotted in NM

As if these mountains of snow dumping on the Southwest weren’t bad enough, a small snow tornado, or “snownado,” as one ABC 7 reporter called it, was spotted and filmed in New Mexico a few days ago, at one point appearing to touch the ground.

“Oh my goodness, look, there’s a twister!” someone in the video says as the...

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As Mother Nature dumps snow on the Southwest, a NM man is making superhero sculptures

As Mother Nature continues to pummel the Southwest with snowfall after snowfall, a New Mexico man is making the best of it by sculpting superheroes out of snow in his front yard, according to Albuquerque’s KRQE.

Bloomfield resident Alan Wolfard is building a 9-foot-tall Wonder Woman at the behest of his daughter. Sure,...

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Odd Rot: Take Me Home

When not drawing lil weird critters, Patty Templeton writes strange stories. Her first novel is an 1880s ghost story called “There Is No Lovely End.” Chat with her over by instagram.com/pattytempleton.

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Odd Rot: Don’t Stop Me Now

Patty Templeton has found out that discomfort means growth. So she’s taking risks now, even though it freaks her the hell out. Chat with her about life on the Twitter via @PattyTempleton.

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Odd Rot: Genesis

Patty Templeton wants you to have a damn fine 2019. Say hi over by instagram.com/pattytempleton.

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