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DGO picks in and around Durango: December 27 to January 2

Fireworks and Torchlight ParadeWhat’s a New Year’s Eve without some fireworks and a parade? Join everybody at the ski beach at Purgatory Resort as the ski patrollers and instructors make their way down the mountain with torchlights to light things up. Following the Torchlight Parade will be a...

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Product review: Discreetly smoke your anxiety with Wana’s indica and hybrid vape pens

As soon as I mentioned Wana Brand’s new product line of disposable vapes to my budtender at Durango Organics, he instantly lit up. We discussed how much we loved how easy and discreet the pens were. The batteries stayed strong. The vapes, though small, were sturdy and didn’t break easily. The design is sleek. These vape pens...

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The weirdest headlines we saw across Colorado and New Mexico

We all need a good reason to scoff, chuckle, eye roll, or maybe even scratch our heads to break up the day’s tedium, and what better way than by scanning through news for the strangest headlines. Well, that’s what we do, anyway, and since there are plenty of weird things that happen across Colorado and New Mexico, we decided...

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Bad tattoo contest: We bequeath the gifts of a cover-up and laser removal to...

You voted, readers, and we heard you loud and clear. After four weeks of bad tattoo submissions, we are excited to announce the two winners who are finally finding redemption after some really bad tattoo experiences. There were a lot of horrible submissions and in all seriousness, we’re sad we can’t help everyone out....

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DGO picks in and around Durango: December 20 to December 26

Laugh it upIt’s a stressful time of year, so feel free to laugh your ass off at Laugh Therapy, an open mic night of stand-up comedy at The Irish Embassy Pub. Laugh it up for some festive jokes or maybe even join in on the fun yourself and sign up to tell your own jokes. The plus side of you...

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Odd Rot art: Christmas lights year round

Patty Templeton loves Christmas lights. She keeps them up all year round. Argue with her about this practice on Twitter via @PattyTempleton or instagram.com/pattytempleton.

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Get Outta Town: Spaceport America, a space fail in Truth or Consequences

The plans for Spaceport America were as vast as the expanse between the Earth’s surface and outer space. The massive spaceport, built in 2006 on the dreams of Stanford University engineering lecturer and tech startup advisor Dr. Burton Lee, who proposed the idea in 1990, was supposed to make the desert of Truth and...

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Tattoo contest: Ahem, this is your last chance to win a cover-up or laser removal

If you’re in deep shit with the bad ink job you got, this is your last chance to turn the tables on that terrible mistake.

Right now, we’re offering a chance to win either a consultation and two FREE laser removal sessions from Durango Dermatology or a FREE badass cover-up from Robert Smith at Black Mountain Tattoo in...

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DGO picks in and around Durango: December 13 to December 19

SoDown with TruFeelzRock out to two acts coming through to Durango’s Animas City Theatre this week: SoDown and TruFeelz. Described as bass music with soul, SoDown, aka Ehren River Wright, has played at festivals across the country and has served a huge role in the Colorado music scene....

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Odd Rot art: War Pigs

Patty Templeton wants the U.S. to spend $70 billion of its $590 billion-plus defense budget on free public college for all. Chat at her about democratic socialism on Twitter at @PattyTempleton.

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DGO picks in and around Durango: December 6 to December 12

DGO pours for Guys’ NightWant to watch the DGO staff bumble through a night of serving beers? Well, you’re in luck because we’ll be the guest hosts at Billy Goat Saloon’s Guys’ Night. Not only will you probably get a good laugh out of Billy Goat trying to make bartenders out of us...

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Bad tattoo contest: Help us help you

Attention, dear readers: Are you so ashamed of your bad tattoo that you don’t want to leave your house? Do your friends give your shit for your bad ink?

Want to win a consultation and two FREE laser removal sessions from Durango Dermatology?

Or, perhaps you just want to cover it up with something cooler? Well,...

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