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As if the world isn’t scary enough, a snow tornado was spotted in NM

As if these mountains of snow dumping on the Southwest weren’t bad enough, a small snow tornado, or “snownado,” as one ABC 7 reporter called it, was spotted and filmed in New Mexico a few days ago, at one point appearing to touch the ground.

“Oh my goodness, look, there’s a twister!” someone in the video says as the...

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As Mother Nature dumps snow on the Southwest, a NM man is making superhero sculptures

As Mother Nature continues to pummel the Southwest with snowfall after snowfall, a New Mexico man is making the best of it by sculpting superheroes out of snow in his front yard, according to Albuquerque’s KRQE.

Bloomfield resident Alan Wolfard is building a 9-foot-tall Wonder Woman at the behest of his daughter. Sure,...

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Odd Rot: Take Me Home

When not drawing lil weird critters, Patty Templeton writes strange stories. Her first novel is an 1880s ghost story called “There Is No Lovely End.” Chat with her over by instagram.com/pattytempleton.

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Odd Rot: Don’t Stop Me Now

Patty Templeton has found out that discomfort means growth. So she’s taking risks now, even though it freaks her the hell out. Chat with her about life on the Twitter via @PattyTempleton.

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Odd Rot: Genesis

Patty Templeton wants you to have a damn fine 2019. Say hi over by instagram.com/pattytempleton.

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Game of Thrones, Pokémon, and superheroes to hit the streets of Durango for Snowdown 2019

This week, you’ll probably see Wonder Woman sippin’ a beer at one of downtown Durango’s bars. Or, you may spy Pikachu as they belt out a drunken version of Radiohead’s “Creep” at karaoke night. Or maybe a dinosaur will beat you in beer trivia.

No, it’s not Halloween – it’s Durango’s biggest party of the year: Snowdown....

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Umm, I’ve never been to Snowdown, so why should I go?

I’ve lived here for a few years, and I’ve never made it out for Snowdown. I’m not trying to be a buzz kill, but part of me just doesn’t get it and another part of me simply doesn’t like dressing up. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about the drinking holidays, but I always skip Halloween because of that whole mandatory costume...

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Snowdown events we’re looking forward to

The 41st Annual Snowdown is nearly upon us and, like the rest of you, we couldn’t be more psyched. We previously went and published the very loooong schedule of events, and man – there are a lot of them. So we went and picked out a few adult activities we’re pretty fired up about. Obviously, there are a million and one other...

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Get Outta Town: The bomb bunker hidden deep within Cheyenne Mountain

While Cheyenne Mountain is hardly the most visually captivating mountain outside of Colorado Springs – Pike’s Peak takes that Rocky Mountain cake – it is home to one of the most astounding man-made features in the area: Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

Here’s the gist. Back in the 1960s, the world was worried about the Cold...

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A classy lady’s guide to preparing for the apocalypse

The first (and only) time I’ve ever watched “Apocalypse Now,” I was on a substance I’d rather not name. It was college, aka the time when doing stupid things on the regular was the only way to live. I spent the entire first half of the movie ranting and raving that it wasn’t accurately depicting a real apocalypse (clearly...

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Disaster prep in the Southwest: Are end times just around the corner?

Google Maps will take you most of the way to Drew Miller’s latest Fortitude Ranch, but not quite all the way there. We were trying to track this place down for our story, and per Miller’s instructions, we approached the pinpoint that Google had guided us to, and then took another turn down a steep dirt road and before...

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Your guide to the Snowdown 2019 schedule of events

Good news, friends! We’re quickly approaching Snowdown time, the most magical time of the year in Durango. This year’s theme is Comic-Con, which means you get to dress up like, well, whatever the hell you want to. Want to be Eleven from Stranger Things? Go for it. How about some obscure anime character that no one will...

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