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Silverton and skijoring: Winter sports get cray

There’s nothing cooler than watching skiers getting pulled by horses down Blair Street during the annual Silverton Skijoring races. If you’ve never seen it, you’re missing out.

Happen to be a skijoring virgin? Here’s a quick and dirty: Competitors use short skis and are hooked up to a horse with some type of modified...

How to sound like you know something about football when you don’t

OK, so you’re that person at the party, the one who has not watched a down of football in his life. Don’t fret, there are many of you in Durango, no need to feel bad.

But we’re humans, social creatures, and few things make us feel better than belonging to a group, fitting in, being part of the team. And that Super Bowl...

Get Smart about appeasing bartenders

Tending bar ain’t for the weak of heart, and it ain’t just a cheap way to get drunk on the job, either. Let Angie Davis of El Rancho Tavern tell you what it’s like to serve your drunk ass every weekend.

The place is packed and things are wild. How do I get a bartender’s attention?

Eye contact. Usually, a bartender...

Love it or hate it: Online dating

Love it

Of course I need to be physically attracted to the person I’m dating. But I’ve got a bit of sapiosexual in me, which is not some kind of overly-sexual dinosaur (thanks, Yahoo Answers) but, informally, a person wildly attracted to intelligence. Online dating allows me to gauge this, albeit limitedly, sure....

Get out your mask for masquerade ball

If you didn’t get enough of dressing up for Snowdown last week, you have one more chance this weekend, when the Four Corners Alliance for Diversity hosts its Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball at the Irish Embassy Pub, 900 Main Ave.

Four Corners Alliance for Diversity works to promote equality and social justice for lesbian,...

Get Smart about ’80s trivia

In all likelihood, you were conceived after a night of drinking and singing along to Hootie and the Blowfish, so you’re going to need some help in prepping for Snowdown and all its festivities. Let local trivia guru Ted Holteen of Super Ted’s Super Trivia (Tuesday nights at Ska Brewing) tell you all about the ’80s. He was...

Laugh lines from Snowdown Follies 2016

Some of our favorite lines from the show:

“I have an app that if my pulse stops, erases my browser history.”

“How do you get a nun pregnant?” “You [bleep] her.”

“April 1st is the one day a year people actually critically evaluate their news.”

“That act made me harder than trying to use a credit card at...

Give your morals a rest, we all need a little freakiness

“I think I saw the outline of my neighbor’s penis in his pleather pants.”

That was an actual line I heard after the Snowdown Follies on Tuesday night at the Strater Theatre. Normally, it’s the kind of comment I’d deem rude or sophomoric. But after the Follies, through all the crassness, low-brow hijinks,...

Show off your meat skills!

Where’s the beef? Well, if by beef you mean SPAM, you’re in luck, because come Saturday morning, you’ll get 30 minutes to put your meat-sculpting skills to the test – ’80s style.

Snowdown’s SPAM Carving contest, hosted by Fort Lewis College, will be held from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Saturday at the Durango Welcome...

The greatest (and not the greatest) Snowdown themes ever

Sure, every Snowdown theme over the years has sparked amazing, creative costumes. But face it, some of our community-selected themes have been more inspiring than others.


“Steampunk Snowdown” | 2015

Steampunk is defined as “a subgenre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates...

Six totally bitchin’ Snowdown events you shouldn’t miss

We’ve highlighted some of the radical events at Snowdown 2016 for you, no advance tickets necessary. These are some of the festival’s most popular, cool and gnarly. Check ’em out!

Drag Race and Fashion Show

7 p.m. Thursday, El Rancho Tavern, 975 Main Ave.

Like to dress up as the opposite sex? Why not win a...

Exclusive interview: The Sneer
In which we talk to the satirical newspaper’s elusive editor

It’s time again for the Sneer, the yearly satirical, snarky, fun-poking newspaper that takes aim at news, events, media and issues that have occurred since the last time we did Snowdown.

Wondering if DGO would get the torch this year, we met with the editor of the Sneer at an undisclosed, darkened parking garage in La...

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