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Transcendent and electric: Remembering David Bowie

It’s early and I’m drinking coffee in the sun when a friend shoots me the message: David Bowie died.

Nah. Not this morning. Not possible. But I search the headlines and it’s true. I see his chiseled face in story after story of remembrance and my heart falls as I realize what the world has lost: Our Ziggy Stardust, our...

Love it or hate it: Flying

Love it

I dig flying. Air travel is my ticket to ride to far-flung places of mind-bending excellence, and the journey begins at the departure curb. Inside the airport, I love pondering the mish-mash of humanity – mullets and headscarves, coveralled pot-bellies and stiletto-heeled fake tits. Business guy on his phone,...

That sweet spot of discomfort found in the frigid Animas

Last Saturday morning, I found myself in quite the peculiar place: Completely submerged in the Animas River.

I wasn’t rescuing a child or a dog (are you crazy?) or raising money for a charity. It was just me and some friends and colleagues in swimsuits jumping into the frigid river because ... well, I don’t really know...

Savage Love: What you do in the sack doesn’t prove you’re a feminist

I’m a 45-year-old straight male. Politically and socially, I consider myself an ardent feminist. There is nothing I enjoy more than giving a woman an orgasm or two. I’m very GGG and will cheerfully do whatever it takes. Fingers, tongue, cock, vibrator – I’m in. If it takes a long time, so much the better. I’m OK with all of...

Today’s a tough one all around, star signs

ARIES (March 21 to April 19)

Today is full of unpredictable events and detours. You especially can expect surprises when dealing with authority figures – bosses, parents, teachers, VIPs and the police. Heads up!

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20)

Travel plans almost definitely will be interrupted today. Expect...

Get Smart about metal

Face it, your iTunes catalogue could use a shot in the arm. Let Cooper Stapleton, manager of Southwest Sound and the man behind the metal/electronic band, Thrall, tell you a little bit about metal and recommend some fresh tracks and albums.

Give us a brief history of your history with metal

It’s my mom’s fault....

Hey Durango!

Hi, DGO readers! I’m the new DGO staff writer. Yes, my name is very long (my mom thought it was sexist to only give me my dad’s last name, so I’ve been saddled with both).

I was born and raised in Albany, New York, where it snows a lot – but Durango has been giving New York a run for its money. I lived in New York City...

New Year’s Eve events: Ring it in right

All right, 2015 is finally over, and unless your idea of a party is sitting at home watching the ball drop in New York and passing out at 10:15, then you’re probably looking for something to do. We’ve called and emailed and scoured the Internet and here are some alternatives for welcoming 2016:

Purgatory Torchlight...

Get Smart: Setting New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year, tiger, another chance to prove that you’re worth a damn – after you’ve shaken off that hangover, of course. Let life coach Mindy Meiering give you some tips on how to get up off of the couch and make something of yourself.

Let’s say I wanted to make a resolution—

My first question would be, ‘Why...

Love it or hate it: Gear

Love it

Sports are hard. Everything everyone does here requires some amount of skill – pretty serious skill that takes a lot of time to acquire.

There are soooo many barriers to even starting to get good at something here. You have your work schedule, the fact that it’s really hard to get motivated when you’re...

CTRL-A: Making resolutions? Save some space for a little junk

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always a weird one, a hazy time where life seems simultaneously about the past and the future, pulling us to reflect on the year that was while turning us in the direction of the year to come.

I got thinking about 2015 and my day-to-day actions, which to keep, which to...

During this holiday season, let’s help a family in need

This column has been a major opportunity for my life. But with Christmas around the corner, I realized this column can have an impact on others as well. Human necessities are intertwined, meaning we have an obligation to take care of one another. In many ways, Christmas reflects this.

Up until this point, my columns...

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