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DGO picks in and around Durango: December 13 to December 19

SoDown with TruFeelzRock out to two acts coming through to Durango’s Animas City Theatre this week: SoDown and TruFeelz. Described as bass music with soul, SoDown, aka Ehren River Wright, has played at festivals across the country and has served a huge role in the Colorado music scene....

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Odd Rot: Dollar Signs Are All I Can See

The only gambling Patty Templeton goes in on are Dolly Parton-themed slot machines and lotto tickets for jackpots over 500 million hundos. If she ever gets rich, she is going to buy a f-ton of books. Chat on Twitter via @PattyTempleton.

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Native artists on why they’re proud to be American Indian creatives

There are plenty of reasons to be proud of being a Native American – a history of resilience, rich family histories, a strong sense of who you are and where you come from. DGO Mag interviewed seven American Indian artists who live in Durango and the surrounding area, each with their own version of why they’re proud to be...

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Through the Native lens: American Indian artists on pushing boundaries, being activists in their work, and ‘not being Native enough’

Native comic book artist Kayla Shaggy is tired of how Indigenous people are portrayed in the media.

Often two-dimensional background characters, stereotyped, and placed against a backdrop of poverty porn, there’s a lot of room for growth in terms of how American Indians are depicted across a variety of art forms. We...

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Odd Rot art: Take Back the Power!

Patty Templeton really wants you to VOTE before or on NOV. 6. Not registered? DOESN’T MATTER! In Colorado you can register ON ELECTION DAY. Know who votes? Middle-aged to old white women and men. Want your voice heard? VOTE diversity into office. Want to chat about voting? Say hi to Templeton on...

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DGO picks in and around Durango: November 1 to 7

Festival de los PartaaayThe party ain’t over after Halloween by any means. In fact, just the day after is Durango’s own Festival de los Muertos, which is to celebrate the art and culture of Latin America. Artist booths, face painting, lots of dancing – and that doesn’t even include the...

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ARIES (March 21 to April 19)This week, you are focused on financial matters and earnings. However, at a deeper level, you’re giving thought to your values and what really matters in life.

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20)The Moon is still in your sign....

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This is Halloween

Patty Templeton is probably watching “Trick ‘r Treat” right now. Tell her yer fav Halloween flick on Twitter via @PattyTempleton.

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Historic haunting: We stayed at the Grand Imperial, one of the ghostly hotels in the Four Corners, and lived to tell the tale

We’re sweating bullets as we slowly creep our way through the precarious mountain pass that leads to the small town of Silverton. The sun has long since disappeared, making the drive even more unnerving as we navigate its sharp turns. We try, and fail, not to look down toward where the road ends and the steep chasms below us...

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DGO picks in and around Durango: October 25 to 31

Dammit, JanetTake a step to the leeeeeft, and then a step to the riiiight, and get steamy with the characters of the cult classic interactive show, “The Rocky Horror Show,” for the 11th annual performance in Durango. Be sure to snag a $5 goodie bag so you can participate in throwing all sorts...

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Ghost Walk: Taking a stroll through some of downtown Durango’s paranormal hot spots

The most haunted house in Durango is located on 15th Street. At least, that’s according to Ghost Walk Durango guide Joe Nelson, whose daughter grew up visiting a friend who once lived there.

After weekend sleepovers, Nelson would pick his daughter up and ask her how her stay was. Often, she would casually mention “the...

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Shadow figures and a bent neck lady: Ghostly hotel guests check in from the other side

Most people don’t get to work side by side with apparitions from days gone by, but that’s not necessarily the case for hotels, where spirits are known to loom for much longer than regular guests.

There are plenty of hotels and lodgings in the Four Corners where the dead, spirits, energy, or whatever you want to call...

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True ghost stories from readers: A haunted apartment, a skinned boyfriend, and rotting flesh

During my first year of college, I was walking with friends back up to campus. We had missed the last bus of the night and were walking back in pure darkness, save for some lights. As I was walking, I could hear the trees swaying and water bubbling. Curious, I turned my head to see into the forest next to us.

There, in...

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