Durban Poison is just as great the second time around

by DGO Pufnstuf

We’ve reviewed Durban Poison before, but as with any good ANYTHING, we thought it right to check it out a second time, just to be on the safe side. And also, we really like it.

As you likely know, strains can vary greatly depending on how they’re grown, the heritage of the seeds, and a bunch of other factors. So, what that meant was this pure sativa, named after the South African port city of Durban (and probably, likely a Bastille song), could have been totally different than the first time we checked it out. I tried to prepare myself for the potential disappointment. Spoiler alert: There was no disappointment. It’s still a rad strain.

One of the things I love about Durban Poison is how sweet and earthy the smell is. That’s part of what sold me on this strain to begin with, and this sample, which we got from Good Earth Meds, smelled like a wet wooded area in which someone inexplicably planted an orange grove. The collision of those scents is great – nothing is overwhelming or noxious. It’s just such a pleasant strain.

I smoked Durban Poison alone the first time, but this time, I smoked with a reporter friend to get her unbiased thoughts on the strain, since I knew what to expect. It wasn’t terribly easy to get her opinion, though, because after a few hits, she couldn’t stop laughing long enough to convey her thoughts. Neither could I. Remember that dude from “Mary Poppins” who was on the ceiling but couldn’t stop laughing and singing about how he loves to laugh? Yep, that’s me post-Durban Poison, levitation and all. That is also my friend. I took her hyena laughter as two thumbs up. Laughing uncontrollably is great.

It probably did not help that I switched on the Vice documentary on General Butt Naked. That documentary and the name General Butt Naked never get old. Do yourself a million favors and dig it up right before smoking. You will not regret it.

You also won’t regret how chatty Durban Poison makes you. You know those strains that make you believe you know all of the world’s secrets, and that you are a person capable of sharing all the world’s secrets? That’s Durban Poison. I don’t remember any of my brilliant epiphanies, but I do remember how clever I thought I was. And I remember talking my friend’s ear off about it. I also remember her talking so much she stopped and looked puzzled halfway through a very long sentence.

I don’t really know how this strain managed to morph two introverted reporters into social butterflies, but it did. I’m never comfortable in social situations, but both times I’ve smoked it, Durban Poison has managed to lift my introverted veil. I will tell you EVERYTHING.

There were a few minor differences between the two different bud samples – I shoveled more food in my mouth with this one, which seems absurd considering how much I ate the last time. But overall? I’m as much of a fan of this strain as I was when I reviewed it a few months back. Durban Poison is still a great strain, one I plan to keep a staple in my stash. You should do the same.

DGO Pufnstuf

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