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Bottom Shelf Brewery is top shelf Bayfield

There’s a corner of Bayfield that feels as much like home as anywhere in Durango. It’s the only brewery in this quaint mountain town and, well, it’s one of our favorite weekend cold beer hot spots.

Bottom Shelf Brewery is a three-and-a-half-barrel brew house with six beers on tap year-round, and two seasonal rotating...

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The James Ranch Grill – where you can find beautiful (organic) green chile burgers

As you travel north on U.S. Route 550 from Durango, you will pass Hermosa, Trimble, and Honeyville before you reach a cornerstone of the local meat and cheese scene: The James Ranch. If you go to the Durango Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, you can easily purchase said products. You can also go the 15 minutes north of town to...

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Florida Weisse: Taking a trip to the Sunshine State without ever leaving Denver

The Great American Beer Festival is true to its name, bringing together beers from everywhere in America, including places you wouldn’t necessarily think of as amazing beer-producing regions.

The festival groups breweries into nine geographical territories. Loosely, sometimes – the Paciific has precisely one brewery...

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Rest easy – the NM/CO green chile war is on hold...for now

In perhaps what you could consider the most anti-climatic of events, the famed green chile war between Colorado and New Mexico is at rest. ... For now.

Like they failed to come to a compromise as to which state grows the best green chile, Colorado Governor Jared Polis and New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham...

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Patron queens of suds: Meet the Colorado and New Mexico women making your beers

The Craft Brewing Conference is the only place Jess Griego visits where there isn’t a line for the women’s bathroom. When the co-owner of Bosque Brewing Co. sees the men’s bathroom just across the way, there’s always a long line.

While not having to wait in line to use the bathroom is certainly a victory, the difference...

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These southwest Colorado and New Mexico breweries will be painting GABF red

It’s beer festival season – OK, fine, it’s always beer celebratin’ season – and we are, as usual, down for the pours. What we mean by that is Great American Beer Festival is kicking off October, and the beer will be flowin’ aplenty into our cups.

These breweries from southwest Colorado and New Mexico will be hitting the...

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A handy guide to getting a handle on Durango’s craft beer options

When my wife – who at the time was my girlfriend – first brought me to Durango to visit our future home, our first brewery stop was at Durango Brewing Company (Editor’s note: RIP). We went to Ska the next day, and the new Animas Brewing Company the day after that. I would eventually end up frequenting Carvers and Steamworks...

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Telluride native new Colorado Brewers Guild director

There’s a new Queen B around here in Colorado, and by “B” we mean beer. Queen Beer, to be exact. This week, Shawnee Adelson was named director of the Colorado Brewers Guild just in time for beer season events like Great American Beer Fest and Oktoberfest.

Adelson has served at the organization for four years and the...

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Bud Light comes in peace with special edition Area 51 beer

Bud Light isn’t going to let a marketing opportunity like the September 20 Storm Area 51 go by. Oh no. Once booed on the Twitter stage for stating, “We’d like to be the first brand to formally announce that we will not be sponsoring the Area 51 raid,” the beer company has since backed off on its negative stance on aliens....

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Rocky Mountain Funnel Cake Factory is the sugary key to our cold, dead hearts

It was a gloomy weekend in Durango, filled with rain, clouds, and next to no sun. Everything was wet and dreary, and it was a sad reminder that summer will be over come the end of September.

It was these conditions that inspired our trip to our neighbors up north in Silverton. If you’ve never taken US-550 N from...

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WildEdge Brewing kicking off fall with return of Southwest Sour Fest

Is sour beer overrated? That question alone is enough to get you laughed out of the DGO Mag office, and maybe even get a few pens thrown at you as you see yourself out. We don’t tolerate that kind of talk ‘round here. Sour beers are a favorite among our staff, and we take them very (VERY) seriously. Just try prying a...

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Burger King’s Impossible Whopper made eating burgers possible for this non-beef eater

I haven’t had a hamburger grease my taste buds in over three years. Giving up beef was a personal choice I made after watching a news report featuring a skinny, dirty, shaking-from-fear cow just stand in the middle of a busy intersection after it escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens, New York. QUEENS?! I had no idea there...

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The elotes at Switchback aren’t the spicy corn snacks of my childhood, but they’re delicious anyway

When I was a young kid growing up in deep south Texas, elotes were a staple of my diet. Many of my friends’ parents worked at the maquiladoras – American factories that are run just across the border in Mexico to get around things like environmental and labor regulations – so we’d spend a lot of time running around the...

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