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The elotes at Switchback aren’t the spicy corn snacks of my childhood, but they’re delicious anyway

When I was a young kid growing up in deep south Texas, elotes were a staple of my diet. Many of my friends’ parents worked at the maquiladoras – American factories that are run just across the border in Mexico to get around things like environmental and labor regulations – so we’d spend a lot of time running around the...

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The New Mexico/Colorado chile war is heating up

The brutal war between New Mexico and Colorado as to who has the best chile continues.

Just a few months after the states’ governors had it out via social media over the Hatch chile versus the Pueblo chile, a New Mexico ad is stirring the pot again.

New Mexico True, the state tourism department, launched a new ad...

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Labor Day weekend grilling: charcoal is tastier but gas is easier

I’ve spent the last five months grilling, and I’m not just talking about drinking in the backyard on the weekends. One of my favorite freelance jobs is as a product tester, and the assignment has been grills since April. I’ve received dozens of them – gas, charcoal, kamado, and smokers. Some of them have been large enough to...

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EBT/SNAP participant? Then you’re eligible for Food Bucks at Durango Natural Foods Co-op

Durango Natural Foods Co-op took its friendly neighborhood grocery store vibe to a new level this summer.

The co-op joined the Old Fort Farm Stand, Durango Farmer’s Market, and Bayfield Farmer’s Market to offer the Double Up Food Bucks Program to EBT/SNAP participants. This makes DNF Co-op, a member-owned food...

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Chang Thai Durango is the latest dubbed gold-at-the-end-of-your-chopsticks heaven

Last year I moved away from Suwanee Thai Cuisine, one of a handful of places worth eating at in central Nebraska, and there’s been a drunken noodles-shaped hole in my soul ever since.

The owner of Suwanee, a Thai native who named the restaurant after his wife, would take an annual trip back to Thailand every summer and...

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Cantera introduces CBD cocktails into the posh mixed drink mix

Cantera on Main Avenue in Durango emanates the artisanal, from the stunning blown glass artwork to the elaborate, aesthetically pleasing cocktails. And now, in a new partnership with the local company Kind Hemp Co, they’re bringing big city posh to downtown by offering high quality CBD oil as an additive to drinks. Infusing...

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Ridgway, the red-headed stepchild of the San Juan Skyway, is a great area for foodies

When I told my friends I was headed to Ridgway for the weekend, it didn’t really surprise me when the response was, “Why?” It’s not that anyone hates on Ridgway; it just seems like a middle-of-nowhere kind of town, nestled unceremoniously between Telluride and Ouray on the San Juan Skyway. Weekend trips are usually planned...

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A Denver roaster plans to offer magic mushroom coffee and tea

Black. Sugar-fueled. Just a tiny amount of half-and-half. Chai. We all like our morning beverages one way or another but Denver coffee roaster Strava Craft Coffee is going to start adding a little magic to their brews.

According to Westword, in July, Strava announced plans to offer psilocybin-infused coffee beans and...

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All beers go to heaven at Taos Mesa Brewing

In the Southwest, it’s an automatic assumption that you’re going to test out the local brewery when visiting another town. We pride ourselves on being amateur craft beer connoisseurs, so we go in ready to judge on the atmosphere, number of selections, flavor, and what kind of food pairings they offer. There’s a lot to...

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WTF is sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch day?

When we moved to the Durango in 2016, our neighbors were super welcoming and kind. “You’ve picked a good neighborhood,” they told us. “We never lock our front doors, except during zucchini season, of course.”

The “of course” addition to that sentence is aimed at anyone who has ever gardened. Those who haven’t may not...

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Your favorite local sparkling water now comes in cans

Skagua, Ska Brewing’s sparkling lemon-flavored water has such a strong fandom in Durango that Ska Owner Dave Thibodeau often catches people sneaking into the brewhouse with containers, filling them up, and quietly leave without ordering anything. The beverage is free, but it goes to show how far people are willing to go for,...

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Rudy’s in Silverton serves up the best Mexican food in the Four Corners

It was pretty late the night we stumbled into Rudy’s Restaurant, a little Mexican restaurant off of Greene Street in Silverton. It wasn’t our intention to eat at this little dive – or anywhere, really – but the howling winds and downpour at our campsite just down the road had other ideas. There was no way to light a fire in...

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