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Farmington’s Taco Box is a surprising afternoon delight

I’m going to try really hard to get through this without making too many inappropriate references to taco boxes in this review about Taco Box, a Mexican restaurant in Farmington, New Mexico, but I want you all to know how difficult this has been for me.

With that being said, I’ve been wanting to check out what I...

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Mixing sushi rolls and Mexican food at Clancy’s Pub an Irish Cantina: A bad decision

Ever been to a restaurant that acts as an Irish pub, a Mexican cantina, AND a sushi bar? Well, we’re not exactly happy that we have, but we can say we were amused while visiting.

We came across Clancy’s Pub an Irish Cantina whilst looking for our next lunch spot. We needed to go to Farmington to run errands anyway, so...

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Cucumber margaritas and carbs at Mmm Que Rico in Farmington

The building that houses the Mexican restaurant on the outskirts of the main drag in Farmington looked pretty nondescript as we pulled up alongside it. There wasn’t much color to the outside stucco walls, and the parking lot was suspiciously empty, especially for a Thursday afternoon. Perhaps our plan to check out Mmm Que...

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All I want for Christmas is my beer shelf back

Do you know what it’s like to collect something? It might start with just one or two somethings, but it can easily get out of hand. Before you know it, you have an entire shelf dedicated to it. It’s cool until it’s suddenly not, and you find yourself itching to get that damn space back. I mean, just think of all the other,...

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Quest for the best breakfast burrito for days you’re hurrying in to work

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but when you’re racing out your door, desperate to make it into the office before 9 a.m. and you can barely open your eyes because the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet, it’s also the most convenient meal of the day to skip. Trying to shovel food down your gullet without...

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Mass produced (ahem, inexpensive) food just isn’t safe anymore

As I write this, I’m thinking about the Caesar salad I ate three days ago. And the piece of lettuce on my chicken sandwich at lunch today. Just how much romaine did I consume this week? Am I safe in the wake of my Facebook feed blowing up at the latest recall? By the time this article comes out, it’ll be old news that the CDC...

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Champagne is for suckers: Stop being lame and use these off-road hacks to make mimosas instead

The combination of champagne and orange juice is delicious, but it’s also (prepare yourselves) a kinda effing boring way to make a mimosa. Everybody makes a mimosa with OJ and champagne. Don’t you want to impress your friends? Don’t you want to be different? Of course you do. And that’s why you should try out some of these...

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An ode to the beloved boozey beverages of Sunday brunch

We live for the weekend, but not because we want to paint the town red at night. Oh no. It’s all about brunch, kids. And you know what makes brunch so glorious? Well, we’re glad you asked. Yes, the bread pudding, eggs Benedict, and chicken and waffles are to die for, but it’s the booze-filled beverages that can make or break...

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Booze and breakfast: These Four Corners brunch spots are proof that there is an upside to being an adult

Brunch. It’s one of those luxuries that makes being an adult worth the hassle. Sure, we’re stuck paying bills and cleaning messes and doing things like, ugh, working for a living, but in return, we get to laze our weekends away drinking too much booze and eating too much food at delicious rituals like brunch.


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Cortez’s Burger Boy Drive In deserves your burger-lovin’ business

The little burger joint in Cortez had great reviews across the board on Yelp, but I still couldn’t muster up much hope for my food as we pulled into the parking spot that would serve as our “table” at Burger Boy Drive In. This spot, right off the main drag in Cortez, had been packed every time I’d driven by it, and to be...

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What the Fork: Burritos, waffles, and other life hacks for holiday leftovers

It happens every year. Despite my best efforts of eating two (or, ahem, three) servings, there are still so many Thanksgiving leftovers. Before I drift away into a food-induced coma, I always do my future self a favor and save everything. I might not want it now, but I’ll be thanking past Lindsay as soon as I mow down a slice...

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Don’t drink and fry: Ways to stay safe this Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I could caution you against overeating, but I’m not even going to try. Breaking our collective diet plans between Thanksgiving and the New Year seems to be an indestructible annual tradition. Instead, I’d like to look at some actually preventable dangers, like not becoming one of the...

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Beer Belly’s in Aztec is the best burger place you’ve never been to

“I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel, I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real…”

The haunting lyrics from the brilliant Johnny Cash cover of “Hurt,” an old Nine Inch Nails’ song, bellow out over the restaurant speakers as we make our way to the counter at Beer Belly’s Burgers & BBQ, a little dive...

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