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El Moro chef Charlie Curtis: I’ve been invited to so many parties where I didn’t realize I was the help

Restaurants: Like royalty, we leisurely peruse a menu, decide on what might be the best thing we’ve ever tasted, then casually command it be prepared out of sight, then presented before us at once. But what about those folks behind the swinging doors? We caught up with El Moro chef Charlie Curtis about the life of a chef,...

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First Draughts: WTF is an IPA?

When I first started working at Ska Brewing, I was given a tour. Patrick Jose (now head brewer at Carver Brewing Co.) was on the brew deck and I asked him what they were brewing.

“Modus, Modus, Modus, it’s always Modus,” he said.

Modus Hoperandi is the flagship IPA for Ska. Love it or hate it, IPA is a beer style...

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High-ass recipes: BBQ bacon and onion cheese enchiladas

The writer Flannery O’Connor said that endings to stories should always be “surprising yet inevitable.” That is, the story could end in no other way, and yet, somehow it catches the reader off guard. That’s what the prototypical high-ass recipe is all about: Foods that were made to be combined and yet, largely haven’t been....

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First Draughts: The creation of beer

It’s easy to take our food and drink for granted. Take cheese, for example. Hardly anyone is milking their own cow and all those times you waited too long to finish your milk: Yep, that’s a step in making cheese, too. It’s so weird and kinda gross, but man, cheese is so good and I’m so glad someone is doing all that work for...

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El Moro ghost stories: ‘From then on, I was a little more of a believer’

It’s the site of perhaps Durango’s most famous shooting, when, in January 1906, Durango Deputy Marshal Jesse Stansel and La Plata County Sheriff William Thompson dueled outside of what is now El Moro Spirits and Tavern. It’s also the site of some of Durango’s freakiest ghost stories. But are they connected?


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High Ass Recipe: California Toast

Growing up in California I was a fat, glossy, lucky little child with a large avocado orchard at my disposal. I grew into a fat, glossy, lucky little teenager who developed a stoner recipe so simple and so delicious it’s just plain stupid. I’m sure we can all agree to the fact that avocados are positively danktastic. Add one...

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First Draughts: Do your bar crawl right with Durango’s best specialty shots

A couple weeks ago a friend got back in town after being gone for a few months. He missed my birthday and wanted to take me out and celebrate it late. We went out and we went out hard. Of course, it didn’t hurt that my friend was telling everyone that it was my birthday. We went to as many bars as we could and basically got...

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Channel your inner flapper/gangster at death to prohibition party

Imagine Durango without micro brews, craft cocktails or even a bottle of wine. Now sit down and take a breath. It’s not real. Prohibition ended Dec. 5, 1933, and El Moro Sprits and Tavern is inviting everyone to celebrate.

“Let’s celebrate the reason we are here!” said Dave Woodruff, general manager at El Moro. “Without...

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Your guide to a last-minute Thanksgiving for less than $25

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the fridge is empty, the pantry is bare, the slopes are calling. No worries. We got some advice from a pro on a quick, delicious Thanksgiving without breaking the bank or interfering with fun time. Aaron Seitz, owner of College Drive Café, former owner/kitchen manager at Carvers and...

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The Ska aesthetic: The history of the brew’s design and marketing motif

The story of Ska might best be told by its unofficial slogan: “It takes characters to brew beer with character.” When Dave Thibodeau and Bill Graham turned their home-brew operation into a legit beer company in 1995 (and when Matt Vincent bought in a year later), craft beer was all but a novelty still, save for your Sam...

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First Draughts: This holiday wish list is, let’s be honest, mostly about booze

As much as I hate to admit it, it’s shopping season, and I think I’m pretty good at picking out gifts for other people, but I’m not the easiest person to shop for. Actually, most people know that I’m really picky about what I wear, what I listen to, what TV and movies I watch and what kind of gear I use. This really...

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High ass recipe: Broccoli mac and cheese

The main ingredients here are two things that should be in every kitchen at all times: A box of macaroni and cheese for those times you need a quick, go-to comfort food, and a package of frozen broccoli, something that'll keep forever that you can toss into pretty much any dish to make it instantaneously healthy (or...

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