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Love sours? Here’s how they got that way

As I’ve said before, sour beers are a huge trend in the beer world right now, and breweries are noticing the market and cranking them out. They come in all sorts of colors and flavors, you can buy them in cans and bottles, you can pay between two and 50 bucks for a bottle or can (though most are still in the high-end of that...

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History, science and innovation: The story of lager

I’m in a bit of pickle over the weather lately: I love the snow, fireplaces, hot chocolate, snuggling and any and all adventures in the snow. Last week was super sunny and made me long for rafting, hiking, camping and, in short, made me want the summer to get here quicker. This past week I also helped filter the first batch...

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Finding beauty in those drinking-night stories made of missing pieces

When staring off into the starry night, it’s often at the actual stars themselves that we stare at, or the moon, or the clouds. Sometimes we stare at stillness of the sky hoping for one of the stars to fall for one of our wishes. Sometimes it’s full of thought. Sometimes wonder. Sometimes it’s empty-minded blankness. Rarely...

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Not feeling like beer? Mix it up with these beer cocktails

I know a lot of people who don’t really do beer. My younger brother for instance, pretty much will only drink beer with cider. His faves are snakebites (stout and cider) and hot-rods (yellow beer and cider), but he’ll occasionally go out and get a nice wit, IPA or fancy stout. He can tell you what he likes and what he’s in...

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Apparently this is a thing: Eating crickets

It’s happening – people are eating bugs. On purpose. “Entomophagy” is the practice of eating insects, like tarantulas and centipedes. Insects have been a popular food in many developing regions of Central and South America, Africa and Asia; Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Africa, Mexico, Columbia and New Guinea are all...

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The five-minute guide for making Sunday Super

The Big game. The Main Event. The Show. The Season Finale of Sports. The Concluding Game of Professional Football in the United States. The Super Bowl. Everyone is going to watch it, and our team is in it. Will Peyton keep this streak alive or will the Sheriff drop the first snap? Will it be (Von) Miller Time again or will...

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Doesn’t get better than movies and beer

There’s a magical place where beer and movies collide – and this magical place is right here in Durango.

Durango Film – An Independent Film Festival has joined up with Ska Brewing Co. to create not only the annual film fest that takes over local theaters, but also gives us beer drinkers a special brew to go along with...

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The ’80s beer scene was terrible, except for these few bright spots

It’s Snowdown week here in Durango and the annual weeklong theme party is hopefully going full steam. This year, we’re celebrating a decade that was the turning point when it comes to beer. I’m really thankful that I came of legal age when I did. Beer in the ’80s had to have been a terrible scene. The beer was so terrible...

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Drinking on a budget?

Alan Cuenca knows his wine. We asked the owner of Durango’s Put a Cork In It for five great wine selections under $20. If you like to keep things thrifty, this list is for you.

Lander Jenkins Chardonnay 2013

Classic California-styled chardonnay. This family-owned and farmed chardonnay hits the mark with classic...

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Cheap wine: Everything you always wanted to know

Alan Cuenca is a qualified wine connoisseur and owner of Put a Cork in It, an intimate Durango wine shop. He keeps his operation small, opting for quality over quantity (he doesn’t carry Budweiser, Coors or Jim Beam). The customer service Cuenca offers is highly personalized; customers are asked about the flavors they prefer,...

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Want to acquire a taste for bloody marys? Here’s how

When I was a kid, during the holidays, my parents would let me try drinking the grown-up drinks: a glass of wine (Mom), a screwdriver (Dad), or Bud or Miller Lite, (uncles and dad’s friends). I’d undoubtedly turn my nose up to it, and the old people would say, “It’s an acquired taste.” That sounded like too much work, but...

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Get Smart about coffee roasting

OK, Fancy Pants. You like single-origin, fair trade, bird-friendly coffee from places you can neither pronounce, nor point to on a map. But let’s face it, you don’t know your ass from Ecuador when it comes to roasting the stuff. Let owner/head roaster Sage Anderson of 81301 Coffee Roasters set you straight.

How long...

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