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NM woman is the epitome of New Mexico with a green chile paper invention

We know how much New Mexicans love their green chile, so it really wasn’t a surprise to see that a New Mexico woman put her money where her mouth was and decided to turn the state food into paper.

“I think for people to wrap around, oh my God, Hatch green chile paper? I mean that’s weird,” Bridget Odien told...

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Old Colorado Prohibition law changed so you can buy full-strength beer at the store

The year 2019 is kicking off by finally allowing you to purchase full-strength beer at convenience and grocery stores in Colorado. In what could be considered the state’s New Year’s resolution, starting Jan. 1, Colorado’s 3.2 beer law – outdated legislation originating from the Prohibition era – was changed so that...

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Fired Up Pizzeria may not be Jersey, but it’s GOAT for Durango

Being Jersey born and raised, I’m somewhat of a pizza expert (self-proclaimed, of course). After all, I come from the place where they make the GOAT pizza: Jersey Shore. Those ridiculously large slices of heaven – thin crusted, cheesy, and perfectly sauced – are what keeps me homesick, even after two years of living in...

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Mancos Brewing Company: level-headed, tried and true beers

The ladies bathroom at Mancos Brewing Company is a strange one. I know that’s an odd way to start off a story about a brewery, but it’s what kept coming to mind when I was pondering a lead for this story: the bathroom.

What, pray tell, is so weird about the bathroom, you ask? Well, let me tell you. I stopped by Mancos...

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Take a walk on the wild side at Cortez’s WildEdge Brewing Collective

Hey baby. Take a walk on the wild side.

And by wild side I mean the wild side of beer, which you can do at WildEdge Brewing Collective in Cortez. (Side note: If you haven’t been to Cortez lately, I highly recommend you make a trip out that way. There are so many activities!)

I ended up at WildEdge Brewing on the...

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Drink some sparkly booze to forget 2018 for good

2018 was the year of food recalls, a whole bunch of political shit I’d rather forget, and the box office disaster known as “Gotti.” Yes, the future will undoubtedly judge us for the decisions we made this year, but I say out with the dog and in with the pig. I can’t think of a better way to greet a shiny new year than with a...

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Nugget Mountain Bar, where you can drown your snow sorrows in booze and food

Durango has a new bar. Well, to be crystal clear, Purgatory has a new bar, but it’s close enough. The Nugget Mountain Bar, a little skiing slice of heaven, officially opened a couple of weeks ago with the help of Ska Brewing and Backcountry Gourmet, one of our beloved local food trucks over at 11th Street. But don’t worry;...

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We found our Thai food utopia in Pagosa Springs

It’s been a while since we’ve had good Thai food. In fact, it’s been since moved to Durango earlier this year, so when we heard good things about Thai Pagosa, we were stoked to try it.

Though small, Thai Pagosa exudes a quiet elegance, from the Buddhas peering down at hungry guests to the smiling cats bobbing back and...

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Nachos and tacos at Kip’s Grill & Cantina bring total life satisfaction

The first time we took a trip to Kip’s Grill & Cantina, it didn’t go smoothly. We pulled into the quite full parking lot (that should have been our warning) and made our way into the Pagosa Springs restaurant we had heard so much about. And, evidentially so had everyone else in Colorado.

The place was completely...

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Diverse dining: World foods and where to find them in Durango

When Shane Broussard would return to Colorado from visiting his home state of Louisiana, he would drag back as many ice chests as he could, all of which were filled with ingredients from the state known for its Cajun cuisine.

“To have real shrimp. To have real, real, real food. And then my friends here – I’ve cooked for...

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A holiday eggnog taste test showdown by an eggnog hater

It’s the eggnoggiest season of allllllllllll. Sorry. We can’t sing, but we’re still excited to try the holidayiest drink of them all: eggnog, aka milk punch. For real though, that’s what Wikipedia calls it, but have you ever actually heard a person call it milk punch? Didn’t think so. We vote to officially change eggnog’s...

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Holiday dinners around the world

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. This markedly indulgent time of year provides the perfect opportunity to eat (and drink) your way to New Year’s resolutions. I mean, it’s not all about the food – there’s the Christmas Tree Train for cutting down a tree in Cascade Canyon,...

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