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Farmington’s Taco Box is a surprising afternoon delight

I’m going to try really hard to get through this without making too many inappropriate references to taco boxes in this review about Taco Box, a Mexican restaurant in Farmington, New Mexico, but I want you all to know how difficult this has been for me.

With that being said, I’ve been wanting to check out what I...

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Anti-establishment drinks: Booze to help fight the power for the inner rebel in you

It’s a fair question to ask at this point if our future is headed toward the plot of a Margaret Atwood or George Orwell novel. Or, maybe we’re already there and are just still in denial about it. Gah, let’s not think about it too much. From your smart devices listening to your conversations to constant subliminal messaging,...

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Our quest for the best pumpkin spice flavored food and drinks

The time for fall-flavored food and drinks is here. Some maple cinnamon here. Some salted caramel there. But most importantly, pumpkin spice everywhere. Twinkies. Kombucha. Cereal. Tea. Marshmallows. There are loads of otherwise perfectly delicious beverages and snacks that have been doused with this controversial flavoring,...

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What the Fork: SolaVita is completely unique in the kombucha-sphere

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest back in 2012, I had no idea what kombucha was. The only thing I knew about the fermented niche drink was that a super-smart girl in my dorm always had a jug of it brewing in her tie-dye decked out room. She also happened to have a killer glass bong named Buddha and would ramble on about...

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Bludgeoned stoners and cheesy jump scares

It’s the best time of year! And what we mean by that is it’s almost Halloween, our fav! It’s a time that also includes our second fav, which is a buncha booze and a good ol’ horror film marathon.

But we say this year it’s time to mix things up. Scary movies all follow the same type of tropes – they virtually exist only...

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In praise of root vegetables

It seems like just yesterday I was complaining about the heat and all but buying stock in SPF 75. And now, here we are, deep in autumn’s clutches. I spent last weekend leafing my little heart out, admiring the groves of vibrant aspens along the scenic San Juan Skyway. It hit me that the days are growing shorter, the air is...

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Nouveau drinks for the hipster in you

Say what you will about hipsters, but we all know they’re good at two things: dressing and drinking well. We might laugh at their choice of beverage, but mostly because we’re jealous it’s not in our thirsty hands. And maybe because they are a LITTLE ridiculously pretentious, but we go along with it because we love them...

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On a quest for the best fried pickles in Durango

Sometimes our jobs aren’t just to drink beer and talk weed. Sometimes, we must go on a journey – a journey to find the best fried pickles in all of fair Durango. (Also, this idea was definitely NOT birthed on a slow Friday afternoon when we were trying to decide what to eat for lunch.)

To our great surprise, not unlike...

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Celebrate Durango with kölsch and Oktoberfest

I couldn’t have been more proud of Durango when they announced the winners of this year’s Great American Beer Festival. Thousands of breweries enter their brews into GABF in Denver every year, a veritable shit-show of a festival that attracts pretzel-necklace-wearing beer geeks from all around the nation. It’s the perfect...

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Dirtbags throwing a dinner party

There comes a time in every young dirtbag’s life where they must grow up and throw a proper dinner party. A party where guests behave themselves – at least most of the time – and the level of refinement is better than eating out of paper bags or cardboard boxes, as the conversation flows along with the amount of alcohol...

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Colorado vegan road trip

Swear to the Protein Overlords, there’s more to vegan eats than flax meal, beans, and kale. There’s ginormo burritos, ice cream, fries – oh yes, the fries – and plenty of other gut-busting good times for veg gourmands. The only problem? It takes a smidge of research to find fantastic, animal-free eats while on the road....

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Never imagined I’d be a part-time farmer, yet here we are

I’m not a farmer. I grew up in the suburbs, where paved shopping centers and mega-malls were the closest thing to “open spaces” that I knew. Sure, we went camping with Girl Scouts, and we’d drive somewhere in the fall to pick through the pumpkin patch or get lost in a corn maze. But, I was a bit of a book worm, and wasn’t...

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Lessons learned at Great American Beer Festival

I think when a lot of people hear the phrase Great American Beer Festival, or GABF, they imagine scenes from the 2006 film “Beerfest,” with festival-goers drinking lots and lots of beer with the sole purpose of consuming as much beer as possible. While perhaps not the true intention of every festival participant or attendee,...

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