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Farmington’s Taco Box is a surprising afternoon delight

I’m going to try really hard to get through this without making too many inappropriate references to taco boxes in this review about Taco Box, a Mexican restaurant in Farmington, New Mexico, but I want you all to know how difficult this has been for me.

With that being said, I’ve been wanting to check out what I...

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Valentine’s Day drinks to spark the romance

Valentine’s Day is for spending money you don’t have on someone you may or may not break up with in six months. ER, we mean, it’s a day for celebrating your love of your partner! We love love! DEFINITELY about your relationship and not a capitalistic scheme. ANYWHO. With that effort, sometimes it requires the help of alcohol...

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Animas Chocolate and Coffee Co.: A cacao bean love story

OK, you guys, I’m just going to say it: I hate Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s the rebel in me who doesn’t want to do what “they” tell me I should, but mostly I’m just lazy. I’m supposed to make reservations months in advance for dinner on a Thursday night? Spend money on love notes and skimpy red dresses? Phhhh, no thanks;...

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Reader burrito requests: We’re still trying all those breakfast burrito places you told us to visit, pt 2

Y’all. There are a lot of breakfast burrito places around here that you want us to try. Good thing breakfast burritos are God’s gift to breakfast and you guys have excellent taste in food. Still, we will definitely need a (long) break from burritos after this. Here are some more of your Durango favorites that we had the...

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I swear, I drank all that mezcal with worm salt for research...

When you walk into a mezcal bar in Mexico speaking sub-par Spanish, you probably shouldn’t lead off with, “I know nothing about mezcal, what should I order?” I mean, you can (and I did), but you should almost definitely expect to get swindled doing so. Maybe it’s my charming good looks, or perhaps I just got lucky with...

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Get your fill of pancakes at La Plata County Search and Rescue’s Snowdown breakfast

Wanna help support your local search and rescue team AND those who were affected by the government shutdown?

Then clear your schedule Sunday, Feb. 3, because La Plata County Search and Rescue – along with the support of local businesses – is hosting a pancake breakfast that will be free those who were impacted by the...

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Huge servings and carb overload at Aztec Family Restaurant

Let me start out by saying this: there is nothing fancy about Aztec Family Restaurant in – you guessed it – Aztec, New Mexico.

Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you. It’s just a fact. This little family restaurant, right off Aztec Boulevard, is the epitome of what I’d call “down home.” It’s quaint, kinda kitschy in...

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Stonefish Sushi & More should be on your restaurant rotation

It was only about 5:30 p.m. on a weeknight when we stopped by Stonefish Sushi & More, but the little sushi restaurant, located right off the main street that runs through Cortez, was already poppin’. And by that I mean there were no tables at the inn, friends. People were already waiting for a table to turn.

I’m not...

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The hunt for the best breakfast burritos outside Durango, part 1

After our last swing at writing about breakfast burritos around Durango, we heard you guys loud and clear: We need more breakfast burritos. Many more.

So, we took your suggestions to heart and expanded our reach outside of Durango, where there are apparently A LOT of really great burritos to try. And yes, we know if...

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NM woman is the epitome of New Mexico with a green chile paper invention

We know how much New Mexicans love their green chile, so it really wasn’t a surprise to see that a New Mexico woman put her money where her mouth was and decided to turn the state food into paper.

“I think for people to wrap around, oh my God, Hatch green chile paper? I mean that’s weird,” Bridget Odien told...

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Old Colorado Prohibition law changed so you can buy full-strength beer at the store

The year 2019 is kicking off by finally allowing you to purchase full-strength beer at convenience and grocery stores in Colorado. In what could be considered the state’s New Year’s resolution, starting Jan. 1, Colorado’s 3.2 beer law – outdated legislation originating from the Prohibition era – was changed so that...

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Fired Up Pizzeria may not be Jersey, but it’s GOAT for Durango

Being Jersey born and raised, I’m somewhat of a pizza expert (self-proclaimed, of course). After all, I come from the place where they make the GOAT pizza: Jersey Shore. Those ridiculously large slices of heaven – thin crusted, cheesy, and perfectly sauced – are what keeps me homesick, even after two years of living in...

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Mancos Brewing Company: level-headed, tried and true beers

The ladies bathroom at Mancos Brewing Company is a strange one. I know that’s an odd way to start off a story about a brewery, but it’s what kept coming to mind when I was pondering a lead for this story: the bathroom.

What, pray tell, is so weird about the bathroom, you ask? Well, let me tell you. I stopped by Mancos...

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