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Mixing sushi rolls and Mexican food at Clancy’s Pub an Irish Cantina: A bad decision

Ever been to a restaurant that acts as an Irish pub, a Mexican cantina, AND a sushi bar? Well, we’re not exactly happy that we have, but we can say we were amused while visiting.

We came across Clancy’s Pub an Irish Cantina whilst looking for our next lunch spot. We needed to go to Farmington to run errands anyway, so...

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Vegan burger battle: The Beyond Burger versus the Impossible Burger

Two burgers, both alike in dignity, in fair Denver, where we lay our scene, duke it out to see who will be crowned The Vegan Burger To Rule Them All. Will it be the Beyond Burger – available in both grocery stores and restaurants near you? Or will the Impossible Burger, only available at restaurants, be victorious?


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PB&J lagers and free chicken wings: Our memories from GABF

We are the luckiest journalists on the planet because we got to cover the 2018 Great American Beer Festival in Denver last weekend. It was a hoppy, slightly foggy good time, full of saisons and sour mashes and one EFFING DELICIOUS Oreo beer. There were weirdos dressed as beer steins, a bunch of very sweaty dudes from Alaska...

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Wait, is Corona gluten-free?

In 2008, I participated in an allergy elimination diet. A friend of mine did it to figure out why she had heartburn, so I thought, what the heck. Maybe I’ll figure out why I have so many headaches. It was a grueling, arduous six-week process that required me to give up my favorite food (cheese) while being plagued by even...

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Beer for people who hate beer: A taste test

There are some people who love beer, because beer is delicious and it gets you drunk. And then there are those weirdos who hate drinking beer because they don’t have refined tastes or know what living truly is. Our staff writer, Amanda Push, is of the latter group. She hates beer.

“If I’m really drunk I’ll drink beer,”...

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Bring on the Riff Raff

A brewery that names its beers after Grateful Dead songs, serves delicious blueberry hazy IPAs, and is haunted by a ghost who hides pennies? Of course the music/beer/ghost nerds at DGO jumped on the Riff Raff Brewing Co. bandwagon immediately.

Head brewers Kyle Zeck and Caleb Cook, and Madeline Bergon, marketing and...

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A Tale of Two Breweries

It is the hoppiest of times, it is the sudsiest of times. And by that, we mean it is time for two of Durango’s most beloved breweries, Ska Brewing Co. and Steamworks Brewing Co., to face off against each other, and breweries across the U.S., at the country’s largest beer party: the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. More...

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The best free restaurant in town: Manna Soup Kitchen

For the last year or so, I’ve been donating cooking tools to Manna Soup Kitchen. In addition to writing this wildly popular column, I also write product reviews. I’ll receive eight or ten knives, pans, or gadgets and put them through a series of rigorous tests. Sometimes, the company wants me to send the products back, but...

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Flautas with friends leads to oil burns and distractions

For once this week, my cooking endeavors did not involve me alone and stressed out in my kitchen, swearing profusely as I attempted not to puncture my hand or royally overcook everything because I just can’t seem to find that sweet spot. No, dear reader, this time it was a group effort, where my impatience and forgetfulness...

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Spilling blood in the name of soup and this column

Well, I finally did it: I spilled blood in the name of this cooking column – my blood, to be exact. I’d like to think I wouldn’t stick someone with a knife over some pork-stuffed cucumber soup.

Not to worry though, ’twas but a flesh wound – a pinprick when I accidentally sliced my finger while stabbing a cucumber – but...

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An obsession with Hermosa Creek Grill’s bacon green chile cheeseburgers

I’m not calling it the best burger in Durango. I wouldn’t dream of doing that, considering that there are a ton of “best burgers” that I haven’t tried yet. But, I will tell ya that I crave the bacon green chile cheeseburger from Hermosa Creek Grill. If you’ve never been to this Animas Valley gem, do it. Just get in your car,...

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Blue Moon is not a good example of witbier

I think the best part about drinking witbier is its ability to transition through the seasons. You can drink it in the spring and the subtle floral notes will remind you of the season. The refreshing dryness will carry you through summer, and when fall hits, the spicy notes can buoy you through the evening chills. Even during...

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Yes, you should totally drink wine out of a can

Remember Zima? Smirnoff Ice? Wine coolers? I don’t know what happened to them (or, if they’re even still around), but I can’t say I’d ever get the urge to pick one up and chug it down. I mean, there was a time and a place to drop a few Skittles into a Zima and show everyone you had the balls to eat the color-stripped candies...

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