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Mixing sushi rolls and Mexican food at Clancy’s Pub an Irish Cantina: A bad decision

Ever been to a restaurant that acts as an Irish pub, a Mexican cantina, AND a sushi bar? Well, we’re not exactly happy that we have, but we can say we were amused while visiting.

We came across Clancy’s Pub an Irish Cantina whilst looking for our next lunch spot. We needed to go to Farmington to run errands anyway, so...

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Don’t try to make gnocchi at home. Ever.

My experience making dough is slim at best. At worst, I have melted a sheet of cookies into a gooey, black mess in the oven. But, that’s a different story. Given my dough ineptness, it was surprising to me that I had any interest in trying my hand at making sweet potato gnocchi, which was to be mixed with a large helping of...

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Let’s take a Four Corners distillery road trip

There’s something really rad about consuming foods that are native to your region. Whether it’s a side of nutty, forest-grown mushrooms (watch out for the all-white ones, though) or the foraged greens on your fancy salad, locally sourced food is where it’s at.

But while morels are great, today we’re going to be talking...

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Carving a path

Carver Brewing Company may not have been the first craft brewery in Colorado, but the brewpub has still had its share of firsts. From putting out the first fruit beer to utilizing wind power in the brewery, Carvers has always been an innovative leader in the industry.

First Durango coffee...

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The beginnings of Durango’s first brew pub

It’s hard for Coloradans to imagine a world before craft beer. The state is home to 10 percent of the nation’s breweries and only 2 percent of the population. The craft is celebrated with notable festivals such as The Great American Beer Festival and The Colorado Brewers’ Festival, among many others. There’s no doubt Colorado...

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Day-drinking at 2nd Deli and Spirits

It would be hard to hear the game’s scores over the roaring sound of Citizen Cope, whose music plays as a stream of hungry patrons make their way in and out of 2nd Deli and Spirits, a new restaurant housed in the old Toshi’s spot on East 2nd and College. It’s the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, but the lunch crowd seems...

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The mind-blowing controversy over raw milk

I don’t know about you, but it kind of blows my mind that raw milk is illegal. How can something that’s naturally produced on every dairy farm and ranch in the country be unlawful to sell without serious regulation? And yet, the FDA bans the sale or distribution of raw milk, requiring pasteurization before it crosses...

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Middle school lunch nostalgia beckoned and I took the call

After scrolling through a bunch of recipes I had saved on my phone, I found myself itching for something weird to try out. While I knew it definitely wasn’t the strangest choice I could go with by any stretch, when my eyes fixed on a recipe for sour cream and blueberry coffee cake, and I knew I had found my next baking...

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The best ways to camp with booze

A crucial tool for surviving in the outdoors is alcohol, which can be bulky and inconvenient to carry in cans and bottles. Luckily, there are some items to bring with you to the middle of nowhere that are durable, dependable, and keep your booze drinkable. And here they are:

Marsupial style...

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WTF are wit beers?

During the hot humid parts of the summer, I usually reach for one of four cold alcoholic beverages: gin and tonic, rosé wine, easy drinking lager, or a wit beer. G&T is my first summer drinking love, and I became enamored with them after drinking them by the pitcher in Las Cruces, New Mexico, during grad school. Rosé...

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The essential (and mostly affordable) home bar booze

Having a home bar stocked with beautifully bottled spirits is far classier than storing a half-drunk 1.75-liter bottle of Hornitos with 99 cent bargain-barrel flavored shooters on top of the fridge. It’s time to grow out of the college ways and build a home bar fit for Don Draper. Keep in mind that it is an investment to...

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A bitter love affair with Fernet Branca

Everyone has the same face when they first take a shot of Fernet Branca. I like to call it the “why-face.” As in, “Why in the world did you just suggest I drink this?” The answer is always the same, too. I frickin’ love Fernet and eventually you (probably) will, too. Unfortunately, when you first start drinking it, Fernet...

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Cheap Eats

Living in Durango means having to sacrifice some of life’s luxuries in order to afford it. Luckily, that sacrifice doesn’t have to be a good meal, because as hefty as your rent bill may be, your restaurant bill shouldn’t have to be weighed on a truck scale if you’re smart about where you eat. Here are some thrifty bites you...

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