What to make and which ingredients to use.

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Durango Farmer’s Market: What you’ll find

We spoke to Cody Reinheimer, Market Manager at the Durango Farmer’s Market, about what...

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Wanted: Fresh young farmers

In our country, the average age of a farmer is 58. Farmers over 65 outnumber farmers under 35...

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Love it or hate it: Cooking

Love it

For me, cooking has very little to do with eating.

It’s all about...

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Get Smart about coffee brewing

Has making coffee become a grind? Feeling despressoed about your brewing method? Don’t...

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Apparently this is a thing: Eating crickets

It’s happening – people are eating bugs. On purpose. “Entomophagy”...

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High-ass recipe: Coconut chocolate banana bread

All trying-and-failing banana eaters have one thing in common: Bananas that get too nasty,...

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High-ass recipe: Toasted ’taters and onions

What’s one of the most crucial aspects of a high-ass recipe? Completely avoiding being...

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High-ass recipes: Baked Baked Potatoes

A friend once likened oatmeal to a canvas, merely a backdrop to what you choose to color it...