High-ass recipes: Breakfast Pudding

by DGO Web Administrator

Chef High Guy says Breakfast Pudding was originally inspired by late-night high-ass munchies, but we at DGO have found this delicious pudding/smoothie is actually perfect for the most important meal of the day.

What you need:

3 cups brewed coffee (hot)

2-3 ripe bananas

1 tablespoon local honey or agave nectar (adjust to sweetness desired)

4-5 cups of quick oats

Dash of cinnamon

1 tablespoon cocoa powder


First, brew some delicious coffee. Unless you have a fancy machine that takes a few seconds, you’ll definitely have time to take a quick morning puff. Next, pour the freshly brewed coffee into the blender and add bananas, cinnamon, cocoa powder and sweetener of your choosing.

Next, whir up the blender and watch it go! After a few rotations, stir the mixture with a rubber spatula, and while you’re at it, why not add more honey. Slowly add the thickening agent: oats. Blend again! Stir again! Now here’s the deep, philosophical question: Do you want pudding or do you want a smoothie? Add more oats until the desired consistency is reached (the more oats, the more pudding-y). The mixture will thicken if you let it sit.

Ka-blam! Breakfast Pudding is born! Serve warm in mugs and keep a spoon handy. I suggest a garnish of chocolate chips! Now go sit on your couch, put on some Saturday morning cartoons and FEAST.

Serves 2-3.

— Chef High Guy

Have a recipe you’d like to see Chef High Guy try? Email us at [email protected].


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