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What will you do when disaster strikes?

As much as it might seem that way as you reach the end of your last roll of toilet paper, staring down the barrel of having to make a trip to the supermarket and dodge its roving horde of potential disease vectors, COVID-19 is not the end of the world.

But the coronavirus outbreak does have...

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A mental health survival guide for COVID-19

You’re probably a wee bit sick of hearing about COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) at this point and truth be told so are we. But since literally everything is shutting down, everyone is working from home, and life as we know it has been canceled until further notice, there’s really no getting around it.

In the name of being a...

Your cat is definitely going to eat your body after you die

You’ve spent years, maybe even decades giving the best care to your feline. You’ve fed them, cleaned them, taken them to the vet, bought them toys, pet them ceaselessly, and forgave them time and time again for being an asshole.

Then, one day, you’re eating a sandwich for lunch at your kitchen table. A chunk of it gets...

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