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Thanks to THC-infused lube products like Foria, there has been quite a bit of buzz around how cannabis products can improve your sex life. And, to be fair, it can. Using THC in the bedroom can be a total life-changer for those who struggle with sexual disfunctions—and can be especially helpful for women in particular. But while THC can lend a helping hand (pun intended) in the bedroom, it’s not the only cannabinoid that can fuel the dang fire. If you’re looking for something to spice up your private life, you may not want to overlook cannabidiol, or CBD, one of the many other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

While using CBD won’t get you, or your no-no zones, stoned (it’s not THC, after all), there are a variety of health benefits that could be gained from using it. For many, that includes a more responsive libido, better lubrication, and easier-to-achieve orgasms.

In other words, it could be freaking magic for gettin’ busy—well, according to some anecdotal evidence, anyway. But what does science say about the possibility of CBD helping to improve your intimate life? Here’s what the studies show.

Can CBD boost libido?

The human body is equipped with the endocannabinoid system (the ECS), an array of sensitive receptors spread across the body. These respond to the presence of CBD.

While CBD doesn’t set off the ECS on its own, it does activate responses across the body that cause the ECS to be stimulated. You tend to experience different effects as a result, including anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsant ones.

Research has identified ECS receptors in the human sexual organs and in the brain. Further research has revealed that using CBD products can possibly boost libido by lowering anxiety. For anyone whose libido is affected by the presence of anxiety, CBD may help boost desire.

While not many studies directly look into the way CBD products act on the human body, anecdotal evidence does point to the possibility that CBD helps libido. Whether you, specifically, get to feel the benefits of CBD in this area or not can depend on the way your body responds to it.

Can CBD help with erectile dysfunction?

An opinion published in BioMed Research International states that cannabis has been in use in the traditional Indian medical practice of Ayurveda for centuries, to help with erectile dysfunction and sexual virulence.

While the specific way in which CBD helps isn’t well understood, the commonly held theory is that use of CBD relaxes the arteries and veins, an effect that could make for better circulation to ease erectile dysfunction.

CBD and lubrication

If you deal with dryness during sex, turning to a lubricant infused with CBD can be a way to counter the condition and enhance pleasure. While there are no studies in existence that look at the ways CBD helps with sexual lubrication, one recent research study found that CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect can, at least in theory, offer greater comfort during sex.

How do you use CBD for better sex?

How you deploy CBD to help enhance sex depends on how your body responds to CBD. Different forms work for different people and conditions. If it is lubrication that you need help with, for instance, a CBD-laced topical lubricant may be especially helpful. Makers of these products recommend using them about 30 minutes ahead of when you plan to have sex. While it does take a little scheduling to do this, it tends to be effective used this way. If you need help with your libido, an orally ingested CBD oil may help you be more present in the moment, feel less anxiety, and simply free up your mind to enjoy the experience.

One recent survey indicated that CBD may help with faster orgasms, and with more orgasms in a given session as well. (Nothing wrong with that!) And, while you can use a variety of products to get there, a CBD vape may be the best way to achieve this effect.

Whatever goal in the bedroom you may have in mind, CBD may be worth a try—especially if you’re hesitant about using THC-infused products to get the job done. CBD can have wide-ranging effects for users, and if you’re lucky (AGAIN, PUN INTENDED), it may offer you just the help you need.


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