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The 2020 Cannabis Crawl is FINALLY A GO!

It’s the time of year we’ve all been waiting for: The Cannabis Crawl.

That’s right; the crawl is officially upon us. We’ve had to schedule, and reschedule, and reschedule again, but we’ve finally made it. Freaking COVID, man.

But while the 2020 Cannabis Crawl is a go, things are going to look a bit different this...


Jabberwokie from Pagosa Therapeutics wins Best Sativa at High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado

Fans of the works of Lewis Carroll will recognize the Jabberwock as a ferocious creature with “jaws that bite,” “claws that catch,” and “eyes of flame.” It turns out that the cannabis strain that bears its name, “Jabberwokie,” is also a beast that will take you through the looking glass.

The strain, grown by Pagosa...


Pagosa Springs’ Aqua Sol combines the best bits of a bar and a juice bar

What do you get if you combine a juice bar with a real bar and then add in some Mediterranean food? The answer, it turns out, is Aqua Sol, one of Pagosa Springs’ newest eateries.

Pagosa beverage connoisseurs might be familiar with The Juice Goddess, a juice bar that served smoothies, acai bowls, matcha green tea, vegan...

Food & Drink

Strain review: Gelato Cake from The Green House Durango

I’m not what you call a stupendous cook, but this week, I learned that I’m far worse after I’ve smoked a bowl of Gelato Cake. Specifically, I get distracted and burn things.

Now, it’s long been documented that The Green House tends to put us on our asses with the bud they sell. If you’re planning to smoke bud from this...


Edible review: Sinsère Chocolates from The Green House Durango

Let’s just get something out of the way up front, shall we? I have no idea how to say Sinsère, which is only a problem considering that we’re reviewing Sinsère Chocolates from Love’s Oven for The Green House in Durango this week. Is it pronounced sincere? Sin-serey? Sin-sciere? I truly do not know.

Luckily, I don’t have...


Edible review: Creme brulee Edibar from The Green House Durango

I am not going to lie to you guys. Most edibles gross me out or put me into a freaking weed version of a K-hole that I never want to venture into again when it’s over. I don’t know why my stupid body reacts like that to THC in edible form vs. the delightful way it reacts to THC that is smoked or vaporized, but I guess that’s...


Strain review: Pamelina from The Green House Durango

Holy mother of god. That’s all I can say about Pamelina, the strain we’re reviewing for The Green House in Durango this week. I basically have no words.

And I mean that. This strain was wild. Have you ever smoked a strain that made the floor look like lava while you’re tripping out over the idea that people live in...


Strain review: Blue Dream from The Green House Durango

Ahh, good ol’ Blue Dream — the beloved strain of stoners everywhere. We love this blueberry-smellin’, fruity-tastin’ bud, and because we’re the luckiest weed fanatics of all time, we get to review this strain this week for The Green House Durango.

You may be familiar with Blue Dream. After all, this strain is basically...


Strain review: Cosmic Railway from The Green House Durango

Have you ever smoked a strain that calmed you enough to make your brain stop running on a hamster wheel? Yeah, I’m sure you have. Lots of strains will do that. But have you ever smoked a strain that not only calmed your brain but also kicked your productivity into high gear AT THE SAME TIME?

If the answer to my query...


Strain review: Flo Limone from The Green House

Hey, you. You got a bunch of junk to do and no motivation to do it? Well, well, well. Do I have a fix for you. It’s called Flo Limone, and it is basically the equivalent of drinking 14 summer Red Bulls (the best flavor ever, which is why it’s sold out everywhere).

We’re reviewing Flo Limone this week for The Green...


Strain review: Guelah OG from The Green House Durango

Guys. I know we’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: the peeps at The Green House are definitely trying to kill us with their very potent weed. And we’re all about it!

Confused? Well, let’s start off with a pretty little strain called Guelah OG.

It all began very innocently. We were picking up our next...


Strain review: Morning Dew from the Green House Durango

The other night I got so high that I thought someone on the (very classy) reality show I was watching called the woman he was dating his Beyonce. He did not, in fact, refer to his significant other as his Beyonce, as you may have gathered. He called her his fiance, which made a hell of a lot more sense once I figured it...


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