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Ripple’s Pure line hit all the right notes for our THC-loving pot writer

Y’all. I am back on my bullsh- I mean Ripple! You know, the brand that brought us anxiety relieving, CBD-heavy dissolvables and quicksticks. I’m a big fan of Ripple and all its edibles so I was psyched when I got to try out one of their gummy products.

For those of you who don’t know much about Ripple, they’re a...


If giggle-weed is your jam, you’re going to be all about Rise and Shine from The Green House Durango

If you’ve read any of my recent reviews (RIP your sanity, I guess), you may have stumbled across the fact that I can’t really handle sativas these days. My anxiety has been sky high (don’t ask), and while sativas used to be my freaking jam, they amp me up to a pretzel worth of knots these days.

Or, at least I thought...


Glueball is a fluffy, extremely strong hybrid strain that you should be smoking ASAP

I’m pretty sure I coughed out part of my soul last week. How did I do that, you ask? Well, let me tell you. It was Glueball’s fault. All freaking Glueball.

Not sure what Glueball is? Neither was I prior to smoking it. I picked this strain up from The Green House in Durango for review, and while I surmised that this...


Wedding Pie is the weed equivalent of an emotional weighted blanket

Do you ever get so bogged down by life that you really just need a good excuse to sleep for 12 hours straight without any disturbances or weird, vivid dreams that you have to live with the next day? Anyone? Well, dear readers, I do. Often. But, unfortunately, those opportunities are rare so I usually just take my crappy six...


Kanha’s Passion Fruit Gummies are a win for sleep and for getting stoned

I’m a sucker for passion fruit. Like a huge sucker for it. There’s something about that wild, exotic fruit that pulls me in every freaking time. Doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a passion fruit flavored tea, a passion fruit smoothie, or literally anything else on Earth. Whatever it is, I’m on it. I’d probably be tempted...


Tacos, good conversation, and The Cure at Derailed Pour House

As a native of south Texas, I am a tough critic when it comes to tacos. The tacos I grew up with were made from scratch with love and a little bit — OK, perhaps a lot — of manteca. I used to love the smell of masa being rolled out from dense balls into flat tortilla rounds on the counter. The best part of this process, though...

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Strange times we live in

A high-quality auctionTurns out Colorado license plates are a hit. Literally. No, we mean literally.

An auction, which was held on the stoner holiday of 4/20, was meant to help support the Colorado Disability Funding Committee made about $45,410 earlier this month. The money...


Strain review: Flo from The Green House Durango

If you’ve read any of my recent strain reviews (which, thank you for reading but also RIP to your sanity), you may be aware that I’ve been trying to avoid sativas as of late. At some point in the not so distant past I loved those racy, mind-busting strains, but since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been shying away from these...


Ask a couple of potheads

Well, guys (and gals). We’re officially on our fourth Blaze and Puf column, and somehow, this thing has been making some serious dents with our readers. You guys have been sending in a ton of amazing and useful questions about weed, and we’re stoked to hear from you. We’ve also gotten a ton of feedback on our two lovable...


Strain review: Jabberwokie from The Green House Durango

Ever smoked a High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado people’s choice award-winning strain? (Good lord, that was a mouthful.) I have — and if you haven’t, you have no excuse for it. This strain is available right down the dang road, whether you live in Pagosa Springs or Durango.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, I’m...


Strain review: Break Dance from The Green House Durango

Aye, so I’m just going to get right to the point with this review: Break Dance, the strain we’re reviewing this week for The Green House Durango, don’t eff around. This strain, an indica dominant hybrid, will kick your freaking ass.

I ain’t even kidding you, man. This strain is a killer. I’m lucky I smoked it in the...


The truth is (probably) out there

Are humans alone in this vast universe? It’s a question as old as time — one that’s not easily answered.

People have long pondered the question of whether there is intelligent life inhabiting other parts of the galaxy. Given the sheer vastness of the space around us, it seems logical that more just than planet Earth...


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