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Strain review: Flo from The Green House Durango

If you’ve read any of my recent strain reviews (which, thank you for reading but also RIP to your sanity), you may be aware that I’ve been trying to avoid sativas as of late. At some point in the not so distant past I loved those racy, mind-busting strains, but since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been shying away from these...


Ask a couple of potheads

Well, guys (and gals). We’re officially on our fourth Blaze and Puf column, and somehow, this thing has been making some serious dents with our readers. You guys have been sending in a ton of amazing and useful questions about weed, and we’re stoked to hear from you. We’ve also gotten a ton of feedback on our two lovable...


Strain review: Jabberwokie from The Green House Durango

Ever smoked a High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado people’s choice award-winning strain? (Good lord, that was a mouthful.) I have — and if you haven’t, you have no excuse for it. This strain is available right down the dang road, whether you live in Pagosa Springs or Durango.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, I’m...


Strain review: Break Dance from The Green House Durango

Aye, so I’m just going to get right to the point with this review: Break Dance, the strain we’re reviewing this week for The Green House Durango, don’t eff around. This strain, an indica dominant hybrid, will kick your freaking ass.

I ain’t even kidding you, man. This strain is a killer. I’m lucky I smoked it in the...


The truth is (probably) out there

Are humans alone in this vast universe? It’s a question as old as time — one that’s not easily answered.

People have long pondered the question of whether there is intelligent life inhabiting other parts of the galaxy. Given the sheer vastness of the space around us, it seems logical that more just than planet Earth...


Our favorite cannabis strains from 2020

It’s been a long, gnarly year, hasn’t it? At some point we’re going to look back at 2020 and laugh … maybe … but right now, most of us are looking back at the last year and wincing in pain. That’s to be expected after living through a global pandemic.

Not everything in 2020 was awful, though. Over the past year, we’ve...


Strain review: Cosmic Railway from The Green House Durango

When it comes to smoking weed, my body responds in one of two ways: either my head is cleared of the spiderwebs and I’m a productivity machine or I am a zombie, arms raised as I try to navigate my way to the couch with armloads of brains ... err ... chips.

Rarely do I come across a strain that does both simultaneously,...


Strain review: Orange Apricot Pie from The Green House Durango

I have some advice for you. This doesn’t happen often, so pay attention. It is important.

My advice, based on my review of Orange Apricot Pie from The Green House in Durango, is this: Don’t underestimate the power of the strain based on the size of the buds. Apparently it is not the girth of the weed, but the motion of...


Strain review: Aloha Limone from The Green House Durango

There was a point in time when 22.2% THC would have seemed insane to me. That time was probably high school, when weed had like 5% THC in it and it came from some shady source out behind the gym (and by that I mean my friend Baldo, who also once hit the snack machine on campus so hard that he shattered the glass). These days,...


Strain review: Gushers from The Green House Durango

Ahh, Gushers. The gooey fruit snacks of childhood now in weed form — our friends at The Green House truly know how to hit the spot. Unlike the fruit snack, though, Gushers knows how to give us the best night of sleep we could have asked for.

In case you don’t know why we’re so excited for this strain, let me fill you in...


The state of weed: Where does cannabis stand in the wake of the 2020 election?

In October, Governor Polis jokingly discouraged Texas from legalizing marijuana because “...it would reduce tourism to Colorado, so make sure to consider Colorado first in any Texas decisions.”

While the snarky remark was in jest, Polis wasn’t just blowing smoke. Reports vary slightly, but in addition to employing over...


Vape review: Green Dot Labs Black Label Live Resin cartridges

Ever been so stoned that, try as you might, your brain acts as a repellent to any information someone tries to relay to you? Well, stoner friends, that was exactly my experience with a Green Dot Labs Black Label Live Resin cartridge and I came out a lot dumber for it (in a good way).

If you don’t know much about Green...


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