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Rocky Road: Outgrowing your long term partner and triggering old self destruction

My boyfriend and I are currently on break at my request. There were a lot of glaring issues such as a lack of communication and boundaries that was making being together miserable for both of us, and I’ve had to deal with some personal mental health issues recently that I don’t feel he...

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Savage Love: Accidental SPH kink-shaming and a fake ultimatum

I’m a middle-aged man dating a younger guy. He wanted to be a “boy” to a Dom top daddy, and I was happy to oblige. The sex is amazing, and we click as people, too. Then a couple days ago, he told me he wanted to explore small penis humiliation (SPH). I was taken aback – not by the request,...

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Savage Love: Girlfriend’s excitement during sex is a turnoff and fluid exchanges with strangers

I’m a 40-year-old guy with a 30-year-old girlfriend. We’ve been together a year, and I can see a future with her. But there are problems. This girl comes after two minutes of stimulation, be it manual, oral, or penile. As someone who takes pride in my foreplay/pussy-eating abilities, this...

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Savage Love: My lover’s wife is not supportive of our relationship, but my husband is

I’m a thirtysomething straight woman married for 16 years. Eighteen months ago, I met a man and there was an immediate attraction. For the first 15 months of our relationship, I was his primary sexual and intimate partner, as both sex and intimacy were lacking in his marriage. (My husband...

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Savage Love: Face-sitting, used vibrators, and a plea for Savage to repent

I’m a kinky single woman who keeps attracting the wrong men for me – specifically, submissive guys into face-sitting. I’m submissive myself, and face-sitting is not a turn-on for me. But the vast majority of men who hit on me have this fetish. I think it’s a size-related issue – a...

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Rocky Road: I have social anxiety and need my space but my family takes it personally

Dear Rocky Road,I love my family but I am dreading visiting them for the holidays. I have social anxiety and get overwhelmed easily and my family doesn’t seem to understand that sometimes I need my space. Do you have any ideas on how to navigate...

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Savage Love: My family found my cross-dressing sex adventure Tumblr

Straight and married but not boring, and heading to my parents’ house for our first family Christmas since my asshole MAGA brother “stumbled over” the Tumblr blog where the wife and I posted about our sexual adventures. (Pics of MMF threesomes and cross-dressing/pegging sessions, plus some...

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Rocky Road: I hate my boyfriend’s porn addiction. Am I overreacting?

Dear Rocky Road, My long-time boyfriend really likes porn, but it makes me super uncomfortable and insecure. It’s been something we’ve fought about for years and can’t come to an agreement on it. It makes me feel like he’s cheating on me because he looking at and objectifying other women....

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Savage Love: Unsatisfying orgasms and male sex work in Germany

I’m a 59-year-old man in good health. For basically my whole adult life, I’ve had this problem during intercourse with a woman of (1) being very quick to come and (2) having a too intense “cringey” sensation when I come. This has led to often going soft at the prospect of intercourse. This...

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Rocky Road: Should I tell my hook-up’s girlfriend he’s cheating?

Dear Rocky Road,I recently went to a wedding in another neighboring town and ended up having a hook-up session with a guy I met at the bar after the wedding. We would have sealed the deal but neither of us had a condom.

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Savage Love: Is my bipolar disorder making me kinky?

I’m a 30-year-old, Asian American, hetero-flexible cis woman. I’m also newly diagnosed with bipolar II. I’m on medication – the doctor is trying to figure that out – but no talk therapy for right now, as my last therapist wasn’t great and I haven’t managed to find a new one. My question...

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Life Hax: A potential affair and an awkward roommate crush

A woman in our set of friends initiates touching and chumminess with my husband, who returns it, but not in a serious way. We know from this woman’s parents that she is in a long-term affair with a married man.I don’t believe my husband will go...

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