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Savage Love: I’m pissed that my girlfriend was her boss’s mistress

When I first started dating my girlfriend, I asked her about past boyfriends and she said she hadn’t met the right guy yet. After dating for nine years, I found out about a past boyfriend and looked through her e-mails. I found out she dated her married boss for three years. She broke up...

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Savage Love: I’m a cheater, a catfish, and also a married woman

I’m a heteroflexible married cis woman in my 40s. I’m also a POS cheater and a catfish. I really fucked up. One year ago, I met an older man in an online fetish forum. He sent me an unsolicited PM, and we have talked for hours every day since then. My husband, whom I’ve been married to for...

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Savage Love: How to navigate an attraction to non-op trans women

I’m an adult man, and I have developed a trans attraction after following a particular Tumblr blog. That blog is now gone, sadly, since all adult content has been purged from Tumblr. It wasn’t just porn; it consisted of all the things I really enjoy – images of oil paintings and antique...

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Kinks, butt plugs, and STIs: Horny the Sex Box is here to answer FLC students’ sex-related questions

Is it normal to enjoy eating dat ass? How can I tell if I have an STD? Can you get pregnant from anal? These are all real questions submitted to Horny the Sex Box, and let’s be honest ... we’re all lying to ourselves if we haven’t thought about some of them at least once.

Luckily, Horny the Sex Box knows everyone is...

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Savage Love: Sex apologies, amnesia from orgasms, and anal play

Savage Love Live stormed into Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon. Comedian Corina Lucas absolutely killed it before our sold-out crowd, singer-songwriter Elisabeth Pixley-Fink performed an amazing set, and two lovely couples competed in our first (and most likely last) Mama Bird Cupcake Eating Contest. I wasn’t able to get...

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Savage Love: I’m only attracted to Asian men. Are race-specific sexual preferences normal?

I’m a straight white woman in my early 30s. In theory, I’ve always been into men of all races – but in practice, most of my exes are Latino and white. In September, I met this really handsome Chinese American guy, and I feel like he rewired me. I’ve been exclusively attracted to Asian guys...

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I found photos of my grandfather sexually abusing my mom and I don’t know what to do

My grandfather was a pillar of the community and beloved by his family. He was also sexually abusive. He died when I was a child. I remember only one incident happening to me – during a cuddle session, he encouraged me to put my mouth on his penis, and then told me to let it be our little...

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Savage Love: Brother-in-law needs to gay-man-up

I’m a gay guy in my late 40s with a straight sister in her early 50s. She’s been married for a bit over two decades to guy who always registered as a “possible” on my average-to-good gaydar. But I put “BIL,” aka my brother-in-law, in the “improbable” bucket because he actively wooed my...

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Savage Love: Sex-positive abstinence, sock fetishes, dinnertime dookies and whiny boyfriend

Can I still be considered sex-positive if I personally do not have sex? I’ve never had sex or masturbated – all my life, any type of sexual stimulation has been very painful and I’ve been unable to experience orgasm. I simply get a migraine and feel mildly nauseated instead. I am not...

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Rocky Road: polyamorous relationships and an aversion to nice people

I have always been a bit of a free spirit, and I want to talk to my partner about the idea of exploring a non-monogamous relationship. To be blunt, I want to open our relationship up to other partners – but I’m afraid if I suggest this, my partner will get upset. How do I approach the...

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Kinky activism: How New Mexico sex worker Sera Miles is fighting to legitimize the industry

If Sera Miles hasn’t had phone sex for a few days, she feels a bit off. Luckily for her, she’s the CEO of People Exchanging Power (PEP), so it isn’t too much of a problem.

We chatted with the Albuquerque-based sex worker and activist for our Valentine’s Day issue to learn more about what it’s like working as a sex...

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Savage Love: Safe paralytic sex and non-sexual mummification

I am a 56-year-old heterosexual man, and I have lived with ALS for the past six years. I am either in a wheelchair or in a hospital bed, and I have very little motor ability in my limbs. Like most or all male ALS patients, I still have full sensory ability, including a fully functioning...

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