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Rocky Road: Should I tell my hook-up’s girlfriend he’s cheating?

Dear Rocky Road,I recently went to a wedding in another neighboring town and ended up having a hook-up session with a guy I met at the bar after the wedding. We would have sealed the deal but neither of us had a condom.

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Savage Love: Is my bipolar disorder making me kinky?

I’m a 30-year-old, Asian American, hetero-flexible cis woman. I’m also newly diagnosed with bipolar II. I’m on medication – the doctor is trying to figure that out – but no talk therapy for right now, as my last therapist wasn’t great and I haven’t managed to find a new one. My question...

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Life Hax: A potential affair and an awkward roommate crush

A woman in our set of friends initiates touching and chumminess with my husband, who returns it, but not in a serious way. We know from this woman’s parents that she is in a long-term affair with a married man.I don’t believe my husband will go...

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Savage Love: Bondage singles sites, pegging the husband, and nonmonogomy

I’ve always wanted to tie girls up, but I can never convince a woman to let me. Lately, I’ve been exploring “bondage singles” sites online, but I’m totally new to this. How do I know which ones I can trust? There are hundreds of profiles, but it’s hard for me to believe I can really just...

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Savage Love: I’m kinky, bi, and bored with my sexual partners

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about myself and my sexuality and my romantic self. I can log on and easily find someone to fuck. I’m a bear-built top guy. There are ladies in my life who choose to share their beds with me. I can find subs to tie up and torture. (I’m kinky...

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Rocky Road: I’m terrified of repeating negative patterns

Dear Rocky Road, My last relationship ended a year ago, and was a long term suffer fest of misery and dysfunction. I took space, healed, and got good with myself. Now, I am developing feelings for someone much younger than I. The age difference...

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Rocky Road: Family political discourse and two old stoners

Dear Rocky Road,I deeply love my family but find them intensely draining due to their political stances. I can avoid talking about politics, but they always seem to bring shit up. Always. I bite my tongue because we can never actually have a...

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Savage Love: Well-endowed partners, introvert crushes, and hetero-flexibility

I’m a 40-year-old married straight woman. I gave birth to our first kid in 2015 and our second earlier this year. My perineum tore and was stitched both times. I have not been able to have sex with penetration since having our second child. My OB/GYN said I’m “a little tighter now” due to...

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Savage Love: Kitten play, gay apps, and jerking off in front of friends without permission

Hi, Dan: I am a homosexual young adult seeking advice about kitten play. I find it very intriguing, and I’m wondering where to start. It’s a turn-on when someone calls me kitten, but I’m not sure how to express my kink or desire for kink play to the person or persons I am into. Any advice...

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Savage Love: Men-only masturbation parties and ending failed hook-ups

I have a secret: For the past three months, I’ve been attending a local Jacks club (a men-only masturbation event). As someone recovering from sexual abuse, I find the party to be safe, therapeutic, and just sexy fun. I feel like I need this! Unfortunately, I spotted one of my employees at...

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Rocky Road advice: Breaking up friendships

Dear Rocky Road,I have a friend I’ll call Eva. We’ve known each other going on 10 years, though it has almost entirely been maintained via email, texts, and phone calls as we haven’t lived close for the last five years. Even when we did live in...

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You know we don’t speak Spanish. But if YOU do, you might like our new single, who’s a Spanish-speaking manager of both properties and (sooner rather than later) your heart. He grew up in Mexico, knows how to get that special restaurant treatment, and has spent a little time in a place called Nicaragua. If you’re interested,...

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